24th Aug2021

eBuying Comics: Week 63

by Ian Wells

I thought I would dedicate this space to taking a moment to reflect on eBuying Comics in 2021 and look towards the future. I always used to buy the summer edition of Wizard magazine as it was an entertaining indicator on how good/bad comics had been that and how much better/worse they were going to get in the remainder of the year! I remember one summer I read The Hulk was going to guest star in #181 of Wolverine to commemorate his first appearance. Fast forward to later in the year and #180 hit, Wolverine finds himself entangled in a mobster turf war. There is no way I cold foresee Hulk gatecrashing the storyline next issue. Guess what? He didn’t! So it just goes to show much like the real news don’t believe everything you read in geek news. Unless its coming from Nerdly!

Sales Success!

My listing for Suicide Squad #2 sold at the first time of asking. Maybe it helped I listed it the week of the final trailer drop. Because of this I started the listing at £10. The next morning when I checked during my first tea break it already had 2 views and 1 bid! I had only listed it for a week due to when I could get to the Post Office so this was a result. As the week ticked on I picked up another view and a watcher. So I thought I was going to get a bidding war come the final hour. It wasn’t to be. I only picked up one more view the morning the auction ended, so it sold for £10 after 1 bid. I brought the comic including P+P for £3.85, add onto that my postage and envelope costs and I made a tidy profit of £4.25. Not exactly record breaking stuff but it was higher than value on Zap Kapow for an 8 VF. I can’t however report the same levels of success with my other ‘trolling’ item. My ‘Marvel #1 Starter Pack’ received a grand total of 0 views. I may try them again at a later date as a combined lot. But with the Shang Chi movie on the horizon I may split the set up and see if those issues gain traction on their own.

Future Sales Strategy

Graphic Novel Sale for Hero Initiative

This is a project I have been planning the logistics for, for some time now. During the height of the pandemic probably seemed the best time to do it as it was helping a worthwhile cause. Of course on a personal level it was rather difficult getting out and about to do it. It was more effective to support comic shops by buying as much as possible online and supporting them on social media in anyway I could. Doing a sale on eBay for the Hero Initiative is a more encompassing way to give back to the comics community. I still need to make a final decision on percentage of sales going to Hero Initiative and what process to start listngs as to gain plenty of interest. I have said graphic novel sale but there will be some other choice items available too.

Trading Cards Mark II

I don’t know why but I really want to have some success with this. It has been sometime since I last listed any trading cards and some of them did get a fair bit of attention last time out. I think it will be a case of selling certain cards with the right characters on at the right time. There are characters that are of course always popular but in todays climate you are never far away from the next movie sparking renewed interest in someone. I’m thinking Venom and anything Spider-Man related could have a big push towards the years end. It was my Venom cards that got the most attention last time. Measuring success for this mission is open to interpretation. As I am not selling full sets I won’t be making back anywhere near what I paid for them. Basically I need to do some calculations and on a card by card basis I will decided what fee is deemed a success. The obvious thing right now seems to be to start at lower starting prices than I did before.

X-Men Sale Mark II

The temptation is of course to sit on all my X books until they are introduced into the MCU! But that seems a long, long way off yet. The X-Men seem forever popular and with Jonathan Hickman recently announcing his departure in the comics a new direction for the X books could see renewed interest in back issues. This time round I will be going through my valuations with a fine toothcomb and listing the comics for the price at each value from Zap Kapow. Perhaps I will offer a best offer at a certain percentage below the asking price.


Selling runs and mixed lots is a good way of creating space in your collection to then fill with more back issues. It is something I have touched upon before but without great income. As always it is a case of hitting the market at the right time if you want to make a decent profit. I have a Doctor Strange 4 issue set I have been sitting on till nearer the release of the second movie. If you are selling a six issue story arc I feel it would be hard to break even on each issue, especially if they aren’t deemed key. I would even hazard a guess that the few sales of sets I have done have appealed to people looking for a good read at a cheap price. I am more than happy with providing this service as comics are to me about enjoying the story first. In the past I have started listings for set at the price I paid for 1 current issue. Whether I go in this direction again I try a new approach remains to be seen.

Upcoming Events

I would really love to attend a comic convention before 2021 is out! I know with the pandemic we are far from out of the woods. I myself had Covid as recently as June and it did knock my confidence a bit. At the same time it gave me a renewed vigour to go out and enjoy everything again. I am now double jabbed, but the thought of the London Underground does still bring me out in a sweat. Yes I know there are other cons, not being a driver limits me. There are two coming up before the end of the year I could attend in London without going on the Underground from my house. Those being The London Comic Mart and The London Film & Comic Con in November (19th-21st). I didn’t even know the latter of the two was happening this year. I saw it on Twitter the other day, the Saturday however is already sold out. They are offering a Friday evening option from 5-9 which at the moment is seeming very appealing. I have never done a comic con at night before. Maybe on the train ride home I can settle down with a good read from my hours on the con floor? You have heard me sing the praises of The London Comic Mart many times before. They restarted events in the summer and have dates for the rest of 2021 pencilled in for 3rd October and 12th December. When I get back into the swing of conventions I have added a new series to hunt for. I have been reading a lot about Marvels The ‘Nam series and think it would be fun to pursue, but only from £1/50p boxes. It ran for 84 issues so if I went out of the cheap boxes it is going to become an expensive endeavour. It appeals to me as it seems a real passion project by all the creators involved, all of whom served in Vietnam at some point. The ‘Nam is completely different from anything Marvel was putting out at the time and it will be fun checking out the odd issue here and there without following a sprawling superhero continuity.

The National Sci-Fi & Film Museum opened its doors in Milton Keynes on 28th August. I have a ticket all booked up for the 28th and am getting excited for it actually. I have been staying off their social media so as not to get any spoilers for what is in store. It is going to be exciting have such a venue so close to home. They have talked about future events including guest speakers and what not so watch this space. I can’t deny sci-fi movies and tv shaped my early life before I discovered comics. It got me thinking about the only two pieces of movie memorabilia in my collection. Does anyone remember costume trading cards? Sadly I do! At the height of my collecting in the mid 00’s I was buying anything and everything. Costume cards for those not in the know are trading cards that have housed on them a piece of a costume from a movie. The big question with these is whether the swath of fabric actually comes from a screen worn costume or if they just went to town on the props department when the filming wrapped. I have a Wolverine X2 costume card and a 2003 Daredevil one. Of course I had to look them up on eBay and well I was stunned. There was a listing for the Wolverine card at £39.99 or best offer and two listings for the Daredevil card, both at £25!


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