20th Aug2021

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars 6×10’ Review

by Rhys Payne

In last weeks episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars, we said goodbye to Eureka after the queens had to design and create a new animated character to add to the drag tots. I enjoyed that the idea of school and toddler was embedded into most of the sections of the episode and I did think the idea of having to stand on the runway while a voiceover explains your story was a little awkward/uncomfortable. It was that lip-sync between Ra’jah and Kameron Michaels that people are still talking about though… There has been a lot of people online who were very disappointed with the lip-sync song and it is clear that Kameron was not proud of her performance either. Regardless, Kameron won and sent home Eureka (who were famously very close friends on their original season) but we couldn’t get rid of Eureka for very long as it was revealed that in this weeks episode we would finally be getting the game inside a game episode that Ru has been teasing us since the first episode of this season! My worry is that as we had been waiting so long for this episode that it would be disappointing and not match the hype that was created but I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The top four remaining queens were sat in the werk room when a TV show appeared with Carson Kressly, doing his best Super Bowl announcer impression, were explained how the game within a game would work. Essentially the first two queens who were sent home battled against one another with the winner then advancing to face the queen sent home the next episode. Whoever is the reigning champion after every queen is brought back, they would be brought back into the All-Stars competition to compete for the crown. What was very exciting about this is that the queens did not know who they would be lip-syncing against as they have been locked in a room since their elimination, so it was a genuine surprise who they would be battling against. What’s incredible about this idea is that is helps make the mystery lip-sync assassin inclusion in All-Stars 6 make sense! It allows a new process to create/crown a new lip-sync assassin who will hopefully be brought back in a future season! I wasn’t a big fan of the commentary and scenes of the remaining queens between each lip-sync as it made the episode very stunted and difficult to watch!

I was very excited to see Silky lip-sync as in her original season she hyped herself up so much as a performer but when she was finally in the bottom her battle against Nina West was given the infamous “Meh” from Ru Paul, so I wanted to see if she had improved and she had! Silky won six lip-syncs in a row with a series of incredible tricks and stunts throughout every performance. In her first battle, she managed to pull out a glass, a bag of ice and a bottle of some sort of drink from her dress to make herself a drink while lip-syncing which was incredible. We also managed to see Silky showcase her flag twirling skills (which I thought she should have done during the talent show but alas) which looked amazing and helped her stand out in her battles. Unfortunately, Akeira C Davenport declined the opportunity to return for this episode so Silky automatically progressed but insisted that she lip-sync on her anyway and I am very glad she did! Silky gave an incredibly fun performance of Barbie Girl by Aqua where she wore half male and half female drag to match the two voices in the track. Now was this the most precise and polished performance we saw in the episode..? No but it didn’t need to be as she was competing against no one; yet was it incredibly entertaining and fun..? Absolutely! This truly was a redemption for Silky and now I want to go to a silky show if she ever comes to Cardiff! My favourite performance overall was between Silky and Jan who were neck and neck until the closing moments of the song where Silly smashed a guitar on the stage. However, the final battle between Silky and Eureka was strangely moving and emotional. Both queens had decided to dedicate their performance to their mothers and the fact the song was “Since You’ve Been Gone” made the fact that Eureka’s mother had recently passed away tugged on every heartstring possible. We didn’t find out who has the winner of this final lip-sync or who will be returning to the competition but I think purely for destroying half the cast Silky deserved to return!

Overall, this was an incredible episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars that allowed every eliminated queen to return and show off their lip-syncing abilities. I enjoyed the song choices as well where numbers such as free your mind and girls just wanna have fun which as some of my personal favourites. This was an episode where Silky showed off her skills that she has not really been able to before and she is almost guaranteed to be a lip-sync assassin in a future episode.

***** 5/5


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