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‘AEW: Dynamite’ Review (Aug 4th 2021)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s AEW: Dynamite review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have… Mysterious Nathan: …a mystery. Me: No. No. We’re not doing that now. Dnyamite… Other Nathans: Dynamite! Me: Oh f–k off! So I got one word wrong! What am I, a dictionary?! Mexican Nathan: Viva la raza! Me: Huh?! German Nathan: Sauerkraut! French Nathan: Sacre bleu! Jewish Nathan: Turn down the thermostat! What are we, a freezer?! Me: Why does this keep happening?! Mysterious Nathan: I’ll tell you…after the review. Other Nathan: Yeah! Review! Review! Review! Me: Shut the hell up! Fine! Dynamite… Other Nathans: Dynamite! Me: F—————-k offfffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!

[Author’s Note: Darby Allin, who has been accused of rape and not found guilty or innocent of the accused crimes in a court of law, is on this show and if that alarms or upsets you, then viewer discretion is advised].

Match #1: Chris Jericho def. Juventud Guerrerra

My Thoughts: While not the best match these guys have ever had together, it was still pretty damn good. Juventud looked excellent here. With a body that was still lean and mean and enough agility to harken back to his glory days, Juventud successfully flew around the ring like a Twinkie…like a Twinkie. For those of you who haven’t seen him in a while, Juventud has a new mask and it makes him look like he’s in his twenties again. Chris looked fine here as well. For two old guys, as many would call them now, they didn’t play to their age that much. It was a slower version of the kind of match that they used to have and, while I would have loved a more meticulous match of two older men battling in war-torn bodies, having this precise… Other Nathans: You’re taking too long! Me: It was good! Happy?! Next match!

The Verdict: 7 out of 10

Match #2: Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston and Darby Allin def. Daniel Garcia and 2.0 (Matt Lee and Jeff Parker)

My Thoughts: Admiral Piette: Lord Vader. The Emperor commands you to contact him immediately. Darth Vader: Move the ship out of the asteroid field, so we can send a clear transmission. Admiral Piette: Yes my lord. Darth Vader: What is thy bidding, my master? The Emperor: We have a new enemy…Luke Skywalker. He could destroy us. DV: He is just a boy. Obi Wan can no longer help him. The Emperor: The Force is strong with him. The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi. DV: If he could be turned, he could be a powerful ally. TE: Yes. He would make a great asset. Can it be done? DV: He will join us or die, master. Me: What was that? Mysterious Nathan: …the mystery. Me: Are you gonna explain anything? Other Nathans: Yeah?! MN: You must finish reviewing this show first. Me: Fine! I think Ever-Rise was 2.0. I don’t know! I ain’t a f–kin’ psychic! Garcia took bumps. Darby did dives. Eddie wore a t-shirt. Moxley has a pube beard. What else do you wanna here? My cat got f–ked by my duck when I was ten?! MN: Just review. Me: Okay. It was a pretty lively match. 2.0 looked really happy to be there and made the most of just a few tepid minutes of action. It’s a shame that the match itself was so brief and stunted. This was essentially a squash match, so if you want more from a six-man tag than that, then you may very well be let down.

The Verdict: 4 out of 10

Match #3: Christian Cage def. The Blade

My Thoughts: I was surprised at how limited this was. You could see the beginning of a great bout here, but that’s all. It was a tease of what I thought we were getting. Christian and The have a certain physicality that is very easy on the eyes. What a jar of pickles this could have been. Instead, we got hookers. Hookers stink! They got that smelly belly and that skunk in the junk. Marisa Tomei: How dare you?! Me: Ah! A bear! MT: Ow! Not my face! Me: Stop talking bear, ye spawn of Satan! Mysterious Nathan: You must continue! Me: This match was average, but with a little bit extra.

The Verdict: 6 out of 10

Match #4: Miro def. Lee Johnson – TNT Title Match

My Thoughts: Miro used Lee as a punching-bag for the first half and got used as a kick-pad by Lee in the second half. It was pretty good for a glorfied squash match. Lee was able to land some strong kicks on Miro to sell himself as a game competitor. I was expecting this to be a slaughter, but Lee getting some offense was a pleasant surprise. All in all, this turned out well for me. I had fun.

The Verdict: 6 out of 10

Match #5: Leyla Hirsch def. The Bunny – NWA Women’s Title Eliminator Match

My Thoughts: The first half of this worked very well, while the second half was so close to greatness, but didn’t quite reach it. Leyla and Bunny wrestled a match that looked like and actual wrestling contest. Leyla has that sort of style anywway, but Bunny is one of the best wrestlers in the world, so she has no issues with going as hard as Leyla can go. Tony needs to put these two together again very soon.

The Verdict: 7 out of 10

Match #6: (Main Event) Malakai Black def. Cody Rhodes

My Thoughts: This went about four minutes and was actually on it’s way to being one of the best AEW matches of the year, but the abrupt and flat ending took this down a few pegs. Still, these guys were wrestling a smart, precise match that felt like a sport contest. Black and Rhodes made great use of quick knees to transition to the next offensive attack. I just wish this had been longer. At least Black won.

The Verdict: 6 out of 10

Final Verdict: 6/10

On a night where Malakai Black attacked Cody Rhodes as he attempted retirement, Leyla Hirsch got a shot at the NWA Women’s Title, The Good Brothers seemed to challenge The Dark Order to an Impact Tag Titles match, Frankie Kazarian helped Adam Page fight The Elite after the latter had left The Dark Order and Christian Cage was named the new top contender to the AEW World Title, we had an average show that held together from start to stop. This was not the show to likely make too many new fans, but it was the one hold down the fort. Mysterious Nathan: Now, I can tell you what is going on. Me: Good. Other Nathans: Penis. MN: We are… Me: What the hell is that?! The ground is rumbling! MN: My God. He’s here! Kashangator, The Conqueror Of The Universe: I am Kashangator! My armada has come for the one called…Nathan. Other Nathans: Road trip! Mysterious Nathan: Oh no. Me: Oh s–t. I’ll see you next time.


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