26th Jul2021

Best Pop Culture Movies With Casino Appearances

by James Smith

What are the best casino movies in the genre? This is a difficult question. But in the history of cinema, several of these titles have become a milestone in history. What made them unforgettable is precisely their involving plots, added to the production of great filmmakers. For those who are enthusiasts of the genre, enjoy the world of casinos, betting and online games, or are simply fond of card games, this list of Nerdly brings amazing movies.

Ocean’s 11

It’s impossible to talk about movies in casinos without mentioning Oceans’ 11, which speaks specifically of a casino robbery and is set in the famous Bellagio Hotel. The Hotel Bellagio is still run by MGM Resort for casino fans, and for those who don’t have the possibility to go to Vegas right now,, you can visit the online betting section, BetMGM. If you’d like to know more, OLBG.com explains everything about BetMGM.

Back in the film, the trilogy, inspired by the 1960 classic, was a huge critical and box office success. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, it has a mind-blowing soundtrack and a strong cast that has the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Al Pacino and even Catherine Zeta-Jones cast.

The first and most famous film tells the story of Danny Ocean (Clooney) who is released on parole and plans his next coup, in which he will need the reinforcement of old friends. He plans to rob three casinos in Las Vegas and raises $150 million on the night of the boxing world title shot. But actually, what Ocean wants is his wife back, Tess (Julia Roberts), who is now dating the casino owner (Andy Garcia).

007 – Casino Royale

James Bond’s first mission as agent 007 takes him to Madagascar. Your task is to spy on a terrorist. Bond decides to spy on the rest of the terrorist cell on his own, which takes him to the Bahamas. There he meets Alex Dimitrios and his girlfriend, Solange. Alex is involved with Le Chiffre, the banker of terrorist organizations around the planet, who intends to raise money in a millionaire poker game in Montenegro at Casino Royale.

For those who like card games in casinos, 007 is a real work of art. The card game scene is considered one of the most famous in cinema and took many people’s breath away. As a result of its authenticity and attention to detail, Casino Royale has become the premier poker movie reference. Campbell treated the film with seriousness and sophistication that set the tone for the rest of the Craig, elevating the game to an accessible and fascinating level.

The movie’s 2006 release capitalized on the growing popularity of poker on TV, and it didn’t take long for experts to saturate online games either.

Sin City

Even though this film is from 2005, even today it manages to be innovative compared to other films of the same genre, this innovation is due to the dedicated work of director Robert Rodriguez, who fought a lot with the studios to make this adaptation of the comics by Frank Miller, who is also part of the film’s direction. Sin City could not be done otherwise, with a format that is very faithful to the comics, it is very charming in its black and white look, with some color placements to highlight during the narrations of the main characters, which in a way holds even more the viewer throughout the story.

This was one of the first films shot entirely digitally, where there is a good use of the CGI (the famous green background. Allowed an even greater fidelity with the comic, being possible to give a more caricature tone to the film than the visual convey this feeling to us the way it is assembled, composed of three famous stories from the comic, where we can see that there is a connection between all the characters in this city of sin.

The real-world impact of casino movies

The film industry changed its approach to gambling radically in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with the emergence of the first online casinos and the best Kuwaiti casino sites. Writers and directors found it essential to work with industry experts and real gamers to create better movies. Both the online gambling industry and Hollywood profited from this shift. The number of people choosing to play online has grown steadily, and for a few years, movies about gambling set new box office records.

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