20th Jul2021

Fun Games To Play When Your Internet Is Down

by James Smith

It’s every person’s worst nightmare. The unthinkable has happened. Your internet is down…

A first-world problem if you’ve ever seen one, but a problem nonetheless. If you work online, it can disrupt your day, but internet droppage also impacts your recreational life as you can no longer play some of the video games you like to play to unwind. Anything that involves online play will be ruled out, meaning you’re left alone to fend for yourself.

Don’t worry, there are many fun games you can play when your internet is down. You’ll find a selection of ideas below, some of which are actual games, while others are more categories of games. Either way, here’s what you can do to pass the time until your internet is up and running:

Single-player Story Games

Your internet dropping is the perfect excuse to go back to one of the single-player games that you haven’t played for ages. There are so many amazing games out there that don’t require internet access at all. A couple of big ones from recent times include:

  • The Last of Us (both 1 and 2)
  • Pretty much any Pokemon game in existence
  • The Witcher 3
  • Uncharted (all games in the series)
  • Life is Strange

The list goes on and on; find a genre that you enjoy, and there is bound to be a game you can play offline. In fact, even some online multiplayer games have an offline story mode – like the Call of Duty franchise. Multiplayer video games are a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s nice to relax a bit and play offline on your own.

Card Games

Yep, you can go old school and ignore technology altogether when the internet is down. This is actually a great idea when your power is out completely, meaning you can’t really play anything on a PC or games console. Some handheld games consoles can be used for a bit, but why don’t you enjoy some traditional fun by partaking in a few card games.

Once more, there are plenty to enjoy, but our picks of the bunch include:

  • Poker – some classic Texas Hold ‘Em always goes down a treat with a group of people, especially if you have a proper table set up and start getting some money on the line!
  • Cribbage – probably a game you’ve never played, but a highly popular one nonetheless. Get yourself a fancy wooden cribbage board to start playing, look up the rules online, and you will have lots of fun.
  • Uno – ah, you see, we’re not just talking about playing cards here! Uno is one of the best card games around, and it can be played with a group of people. If you want to have even more fun, you can introduce some house rules – such as the 7 and 0 rules for Uno. Have a look online and you’ll find plenty of other ways to spice up this classic card game.

Don’t fancy the look of these three card games? You’ve got exceptionally high expectations, but that’s fine. There is bound to be at least one card game out there that will please you and anyone else around you. That’s the only caveat with this idea, it only really works if you have other people to play with – there aren’t many solo card games out there!

Board Games

Again, we’re throwing things back with some classic family games that you may not have played for a while. When the internet goes down, it’s time to dust off the old board games and have some fun. You’ve got a plethora of options to choose from, and our picks from this category include:

  • Monopoly – you can’t go wrong with this absolute classic. It takes a long time to complete, but the hours will fly by amidst the family arguments and competitive bidding wars. There are ways to play Monopoly faster than usual, so consider doing that if you only need a quick game.
  • Cluedo – another utter classic, this murder mystery game will have everyone acting like Sherlock Holmes. Can you figure out who the killer is?
  • Articulate – definitely an enjoyable game to play if you want to have more of a party atmosphere. You have to describe or act out words on a card for a partner to guess. A great game as you only really need two players to have some fun with it!

All in all, there are some excellent game options for when your internet goes down. You’ve got ideas for solo games, as well as games with others.


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