18th Jul2021

Video Game Movies Rated by Gamers

by James Smith

For more than 20 years, Hollywood has been trying to bring stories from famous video games to the big screen. And, although high-quality games based on films sometimes work out, work in the opposite direction has so far been unsuccessful. There is no definite answer to the question of why games are a sore spot in Hollywood. Becoming a film, games lose their most powerful quality — interactivity.

Five Movies Worth Watching

Gamers are biased people; it is not easy to please them. Any film based on a computer game is a risk. Until now, no one knows the recipe for the perfect computer game film on online casino websites and in gambling establishments. The following list includes films that even gamers agreed to stop playing for two hours. And plenty of them did not even regret it.

Assassin’s Creed

The super-popular series of games about the assassins’ time travel through the memory is so cinematic that it hardly needed a film version. But Hollywood still insisted on a blockbuster. It turned out to be spectacular and dynamic, although playing is still more interesting for the gamers.


If you have ever played the famous computer shooter game Doom from the 90s, you know that its main feature is that you see the environment as the protagonist does. The director Andrzej Bartkowiak has created an atmospheric thriller; he fell back on first-person shooting only once per film, and this scene invariably impressed people at the screenings.

Silent Hill

A sinister Christian sect, faceless nurses, little monstrous men with knives that appear out of nowhere… The Japanese studio Konami entrusted the film adaptation of the game to director Christoph Hans, and he recreated the abandoned hellish town of Silent Hill for the film. He managed to transfer the atmosphere of the game to the screen to make the viewer scared in the same way as those who first played this game in the early 2000s were scared.

Need for Speed

The Need for Speed ​​car racing video game was created over 20 years ago. During this time, more than 150 million copies were sold. The film based on it was created in the wake of the growing fame of Aaron Paul, who amazed millions of viewers after the Breaking Bad series. Need for Speed ​​is a cross between a teenage drama and a fast-paced blockbuster.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

It is a popular adventure game that was filmed by Disney. Interestingly, this is the case when the main developer of the first series of the game, Jordan Mechner, became the script author. Perhaps it was thanks to him that the film took all the best from the original and at the same time turned into a separate bright and spectacular film. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Prince Dastan, who is looking for a magical artefact to reclaim his lost kingdom. Magnificent costumes, battles, and stunts — the film’s producers recreated this title in the spirit of an oriental fairy tale.

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