06th Jul2021

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars 6×03’ Review

by Rhys Payne

What a start to Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars 6 we have had this year! We were given two episodes in one day which contained the iconic talent show and then the first ball of the season. We have had loads of drama and every queen has showcased some level of evolution since their original season (or in some cases first All-Stars appearance.) One of the queens who has shown the greatest development is Ra’Jah O’Hara who in the first episode made a dress in a minute and in the second the whole episode focused on her growth! After doing very well in the ball she gave an incredible lip-sync performance against the lip-sync legend Ms Brooklyn Hytes and not only did Ra’Jah hold her own but walked away with the joint win. Ra’jah had an excellent week; however on the bottom was Jiggly Caliente who had waited years to show everyone how much she has grown but was defeated by her confessed kryptonite… which is sewing! It was great to see Jiggly’s development and even better to see more inclusive transgender representation on our screen but it was clear she struggled with the challenge so her bottom placement was justified! Now onto this weeks Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars episode…

The queens were told that they were going to work in groups to create an advert for a side hustle (that would be allocated to them) and while that sounds like a super fun challenge, I did have a bit of an issue with the set-up beforehand. Everyone was asked to line up from shortest to tallest and Ru then grouped people stood next to each other to work together in the challenge! I don’t understand why the challenge was based on height and even then it wasn’t one comically large queen working with a comically small queen but just people of a similar height which in my opinion didn’t make sense! It was clear that the producers on this show want to let everyone know that Ginger Minj and Pandora are very excited about the challenge, with the latter committing the cardinal sin of saying “I do this for a living at home” and while she didn’t end up on the bottom (or in the top) that sort of thing never ends well. However, despite the boasting, neither queen ended up in the top this week but more on that later.

I enjoyed the actual adverts this week as they were the high-brow comedy that I personally really enjoy. The trio of Scarlett Envy, Kylie Sonique Love and Eureka were the exer-size queens which is a double pun as it’s a joke on The Exorcist (which was the parody the advert is based on) and also the term size queen, which if you have never heard of before I would Google it as it’s not a family-friendly topic to discuss on here! The bar was already set very high for Scarlett, as she famously won the acting challenge in her original season alongside Yvie Oddly during the good god girl get our challenge. While she was very good I don’t think it was to the same standard of her previous performance. I enjoyed Eureka’s performance as a comedic possessed character, with her appearance and acting drawing clear influences by the icon Divine! While Trinity, Yara, Ginger Minj and Jan were given “Dial-a-Queen” which was not a pun perse but was still very entertaining. Yara is so crazy that you never know what to expect from her but she constantly makes everyone laugh; but the highlight for me was Ginger Minj doing her best Richard Simmons (who was recently played by Tina Burner in the most recent snatch game, to give you a reference point) which was brilliant! The producers again made a point to remind everyone that Trinity did not do so well in the acting challenge from her original season but instead of hinder her this made her actual performance that much more incredible! She shocked me with how much she has developed and how much better of an actress she is now. The one thing I did not expect I would have enjoyed was seeing Jan in male drag but I couldn’t have been more wrong! I am in love with the sequin suit jacket she wore and I want to know how I can get my hands on one of those.

The runway theme for this episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars was Ru-redemption where queens have an opportunity to redo an outfit from their original season. A lot of them choose to redo entrance looks which took me by surprise as these are usually the ones the queens spend the most money on! I enjoyed Kylie Sonique Loves Lady Gaga inspired outfit which had massive feather dusters attached to it, which swayed as she moved. Scarlett Envy showed off one of my favourite looks that I have ever seen her in, when she walked the runway donning a dress depicting a classic Greek scene. She looked incredible and would not have looked out of place stood next to the actual Greek goddesses! I personally really liked Eureka and Jan’s outfits as they were very clearly referencing previous looks that had been improved for this runway. I was a bit confused with Silky’s runway as she chooses to do the family resemblance makeover challenge look that she worked on with Soju and while the outfit was nice the whole point of the original episode was that it was a makeover of someone else!

Trinity K Bonet continued to surprise me even after she was declared the winner of this weeks episode. It appeared that the show was giving Trinity some sort of villain/moaner edit at first but this turned into an extremely empowering message to all the queens about not feeling down about being in the bottom which was amazing, even brought a little tear to my eye! Her interview techniques with the bottom queen however… not so much. She spoke to every member of the Dial-a-Queen team (I know the whole team was in the bottom which is wild!) and seemed to present it as a life coaching session which I found very peculiar. I was very excited when Trinity was declared the winner as she is known for her killer lip-sync, so I instantly knew that everyone who was against her would have to pull out all the stops! The lip-sync assassin was revealed as none other than Laganja Estranga, who the fans have been clamouring for the longest time. This only exaggerated my excitement as both queens are fierce performers but in two very different spheres. I knew Langanja could dance but oh my god! It’s disappointing that she didn’t get to showcase these skills in her original season as she is incredible! This lip-sync overall was one of the best I can remember and now the show has a two-week streak of insane lip-syncs so I wonder how they are going to keep it up? It is declared that Silky Nutmeg Gnache is going home this week, which I was a little disappointed by. While I didn’t particularly enjoy Silky the first time round she has evolved and stepped her drag up. She talked about the hate she received from her original season and how this caused her step back from being the over-the-top Silky we know and love but this was the reason she sent home. In short, stop sending queens hate! However, like the two eliminated queens before her Silky was greeted by Ru via a monitor who informed them that there may be a chance to return to the completion. I hope this is a lip-sync based battle as people need to see how much Silky has grown since her ‘meh’ performance!

Overall, this was a fairly entertaining episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars with the redemption runway being the highlight of the show! We saw Trinity go from the bottom of the heap right to the top and also employ one of the weirdest interview techniques I have ever seen. The final boss battle lip-sync was incredible and only added fuel to everyone petition to get Langanja back on our screens!

**** 4/5


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