02nd Jul2021

‘Dragon Fury’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Nicola Wright, Chelsea Greenwood, Sofia Lacey, Chrissie Wunna, Richard Lovell, Rachel Roberts, Andrew Rolfe | Written by Scott Jeffrey, Rhys Wakefield | Directed by Scott Jeffrey

Dragon Fury, the third Scott Jeffrey production I’ve personally reviewed this week, is something of a departure for the prolific producer this time turning his hand to a monster movie rather than an all-out horror film – tapping into that great British tradition of dragons roaming the British Isles. Here Jeffrey directs from a script co-written with Rhys Wakefield… or is it Rhys Frake? IMDb says one thing, the films credits another – another case of “Is anyone real?” with a Scott Jeffrey production. I joke but I do feel like there’s some subterfuge at play here – as if to separate peoples mainstream work from genre filmmaking.

Dragon Fury sees a remote part of Wales abandoned for years due to radiation – no one knew why, no one dared enter the place. That is until a couple of vloggers (its always bloody vloggers in genre films isn’t it?) make their way into the hills and discover why no one has ever dared enter the place before… Here there be Dragons! After the pair get torched, literally, the army calls in Vanessa Reid (Nicola Wright; Witches of Amityville) and her team to investigate. Reid’s team apparently consisting of two women, one of whom is injured and on crutches and the other who soon develops a weird illness that may or may not be connected to the dragons AND the radiation on the mountainside. Talk about ill-equipped for the job!

The trio meet up with Professor Palson (Andrew Rolfe; Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction) and his assistant Nicole (Chrissie Wunna, Dinosaur Hotel) who both – without saying a word – you know have a better idea of what’s happening in the Welsh mountains than they let on. Soon we’ve got a dragon egg ready to hatch, people losing their minds, in-fighting and general chaos reigning (but there’s not much reigning of fire though… pun intended)

So we’ve got a producer known for low-budget productions, heading in territory where you really need a decent budget to recreate huge terrifying dragons. So what do we get here? A small dragon attack at the beginning, a boat-load of talking from the human cast, and the re-appearance of a small dragon at the end… With a coda that threatens an even larger dragon for a possible dragons vs human sequel. Yeah, so you’ve guessed it, there’s not many furious dragons in Dragon Fury. Hell, we don’t even get to see the tiny baby dragon that hatches from the egg our protagonists find!

To be fair to Dragon Fury, whilst the CGI is used sparingly there has been some thought put in to it, mainly in the fact the dragons here actually cast a shadow – a little thing but something that marks out well-thought out CGI from the kind that’s been thrown together; and there’s some thought put into the dragons appearance too; here the beasts look like they’ve seemingly evolved from the more traditional “dragon” look into more bird-like creatures… something that is actually borne out in the films final third.

Taking Jagged Edge Productions into The Asylum territory, Dragon Fury is pretty much everything you’d expect from a CGI-laden direct to market monster movie; and as such YMMV.

** 2/5

Dragon Fury is set for a UK release this September.


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