22nd Jun2021

Mobile Gaming is More and More Popular

by James Smith

The mobile gaming market is doing very well, benefiting from a growing number of gamers and the popularity of smartphones. As reported by the French company Médiamétrie: 11-14-year olds spend an average of 129 minutes per day on their mobile, compared to six minutes on a computer. A godsend for mobile game developers.

The Success of Mobile Games and Online Casinos

According to the analysis platform AppAnnie, global spending on these games is expected to exceed $ 75 billion in 2021. While fans of video console or computer games are overwhelmingly young men aged 15 to 35, capable of spending hours behind their screens, gamers on phones display greater diversity. According to analytics firm Newzoo and portal Statista, more than 40% of mobile gamers are women. And age is not a barrier. “A lot of people who are forced to stay at home need entertainment,” says Morris Garrard, mobile technology and gaming specialist for Futuresource. Another phenomenon, online casinos seem to have replaced land-based casinos. These casinos have many advantages. There is a large and diverse range of games and online casino slots like JazzySpins.com. They appeal to players who can try out different types of games: there is no limit. For the fan, such an environment represents heaven on Earth!

The Most Popular Mobile Games in 2020

In the third quarter of 2020, mobile games accounted for almost 40% of downloads and over 70% of all consumer spending on iOS and Google Play. AppAnnie has developed Game IQ, a unique classification technique to analyse the latest trends in this growing market. With this method, mobile games are listed into subgenres, allowing for more accessible and detailed market analysis. Over 27,000 games have already been classified. Casual games were the most downloaded in the first half of 2020, globally reaching 82% of downloads. These easily understandable games where the games are short are suitable for all types of audiences. In this category, Game IQ distinguishes several genres such as a puzzle, simulation, racing or so-called “hyper-casual” games, for example. They represent 70% of users’ playing time. Brain Out took first place in the download chart, followed by Woodturning and then Ludo King. Brain Out and Ludo King are part of the “Puzzle / Trivia” genre. Indeed, globally, this genre has the largest market share in downloads and is experiencing the strongest year-over-year growth. Hyper-Casual games accounted for 30% of global game downloads worldwide in the first half of 2020, reaching 5 billion downloads. This is about 5 times more than the same period two years ago. The 5 most downloaded games in the world are part of the Hyper-Casual category. We find on the podium the games Coin Master, Woodturning, Draw Climber and Save the girl in the first 4 positions. In the first half of 2020, users spent 50% of their playing time on core-type games.


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