15th Jun2021

What are currently the most exciting trends in online sports betting?

by James Smith

The online sports betting industry has grown massively from being the conventional bookmaker to a billion-dollar industry. The sports betting industry has a market value of over $85 billion in 2019. With the advancement of technological, sportsbooks have also kept track of it and inherited its fruits. They incorporate technology with their websites to make them more user-friendly. The online sports betting industry runs on promotions and trends. These are the things that fuel the sports betting market as a driving factor. Today in this topic, we will discuss one of those driving factors, popular trends of online sports betting.

How Trends are Changing the Way of Online Gambling

Over the past few years, online sports betting has grown in popularity. More and more people are adopting it as an alternative to traditional ones. Technological advancements have also helped revolutionize the online sports betting market, and thus exciting trends start to pop up because of it. For example you can now even build your own bets using the bookmaker’s bet builder feature. To get more information on bet building, you can check out the bet builders in the UK with bet365 arguably having the best one. Trends tend to work as a wind for the online sports betting industry. When the direction wind is with them, they can ride it to make a significant profit and a vast customer base. Tends also help players who like to wager their money are big companies give out exciting offers to move the trend winds to their side and away from rival websites. So trends can be profitable for both parties. Now we will discuss the exciting trends that are currently active in sports betting markets are.

Top Exciting Trends in Online Sports Betting

With the growth of online betting, new sports betting companies that want to tap on the growing demand for sports betting are also growing. They all want to tap into the potential of trends in this market. In addition to this, veterans and newcomers also want to ride the wave of trends to get started with sports betting and win big. So we have prepared a list of exciting trends that are taking place as you read this:

Mobile Betting

The sports betting websites were in deep thought about making betting more convenient, easy, and fast to attract more gamblers to their website. Then they come up with the concept of mobile betting. This became a trend among many countries like India, where people were not as familiar with gambling as the UK is. Those who are new to sports betting find it difficult to bet on a website with too much relevant information but of no use to a novice. This is why the trend of mobile betting is very popular and ongoing around the globe.

This trend of mobile betting is getting fule from wannabe punters worldwide looking for opportunities to enter the gambling market to earn some side cash. The introductory offers provided by sports bookmakers on the mobile version of the websites are very attractive. These offers enable users to start betting for a very insignificant amount of money to promote their betting spirit. Mobile betting can be operated in two ways:

  • First, you have to enter the website URL into a phone browser to access the mobile version of the website.
  • And the second way is to download the mobile app of that bookmaker to access the mobile features of that particular website.

Crypto is the New Trend in Gambling World

Cryptocurrency is dominating the currency world, and it will continue to do so. This is why online casinos and bookmakers allow their users to gamble and place bets with it. With the growing popularity of crypto, it has become a trend to have some coins in your name, and people love to flaunt the fact that they own cryptocurrencies. Using these coins on placing bets on sports has also become an uncontrollable trend. Experts suggest that the current trend of crypto is not going to slow down in the coming years. This is why all online sports betting websites are preparing to earn big profits from it. This is also a piece of good news for players who like to gamble because it means more rivalry among bookmakers and more profit for punters.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is another hot trend this year as it is a very successful piece of technology that online casinos and sports bookmakers use in their games and live matches. VR technology has become a fashion and a trend driving players to use it in online sports betting to immerse themselves in a better view of the game. Because of what the VR technology has to offer in improving the betting experience, it has resulted in a trend that has attracted thousands of new customers for bookmakers.

Micro Betting

This particular type of betting should not be confused with small bets, but rather it is small events. Betting on this type of sports event has become a trend among bettors. To better understand Micro Betting, let us take an example. Suppose you are a bettor and want to bet on something that gives instant result and payout rather than who will be the winner of the match kind of bet that will pay you after the match end, and the result is announced. So you place a bet on whether an NBA player makes his next 3PT shot or not.

These kinds of bets are possible because of the advancement of technology, as we discussed earlier. These micro bets require advanced technologies like- Machine Learning and Real-Time Technology. Due to the popularity of Micro Betting, a large selection of sports betting websites are adopting it now and has resulted in a trend.


In this article, you have learned about exciting trends currently active and will be there for quite some time. Trends like- Micro Betting, Mobile Betting and Cryptocurrencies in betting are exceptionally popular among the masses. More and more people are getting attracted to sports betting due to these trends that are popular and spreading like wildfire.

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