15th Jun2021

How Free Bets Work & Give You a Betting Boost

by James Smith

While the concept of free bets often excites even the most experienced of gamblers, many question if it’s something too good to be true. While it can be highly exaggerated, if you manage to be smart about your choices, they actually can be worth a shot and your time. Free bets are actually an opportunity to place a bet, oftentimes by the best betting app, without having to worry about the possible risk and losses that could come. And hey, if you happen to win a bet from your free bets, it’s an extra and something you will be able to take away as winnings.

You can click here and find all of the latest free bets offers, so that once you do research and check up on everything that is possible, you can use all the tips we are about to give you next, towards an unforgettable experience. Giving yourself a boost and a chance to win from free bets is possible, you just need to execute it in the right way.

Why do bookies actually offer free bets?

So, first thing is first, bookies offer free bets as a way of enticing potential new punters to sign up and use the services marketed towards their online gambling experience. From registering, to depositing some cash into a betting account, free bets give that active conversion towards the gambling brand, a call of action towards their services. What they expect from you when using that free bet, is a continued loyal betting journey with them across the future, and most of the time bettors do stay and become a part of the community that the betting site sets up.

Is there a catch with free bets?

You may be thinking, so what is the catch with free bets, they surely cannot be free? Well, you are kind of on the money there, as there always is a catch within the terms and conditions, but if you handle it correctly, they can be a positive contribution to your betting experience.

Some bookmakers believe it or not, make the betting with free bets process really straight forward, you may not even require a deposit most times, did you know that? Yes, a no deposit free bet kind of promotion-similar to casinos and such. Of course, it will all depend on each bookmaker and the terms they set. Usually to qualify with a bookmaker, you will need to do a procedure and follow through with it to claim your free bets. It is as follows:

Make an account with the bookmaker, and verify your personal details using KYC procedures (know your customer).

Register your payment methods that you wish to use to frequently deposit within the bookmaker, so you can wager on the sports and gambling services that are provided. The funds you use to make a wager on sports events will also determine the total money that you will receive from the free bet initiative. Usually these often can be tied to a match scheme promotion of some kind.

Sometimes the terms will only allow you to place a qualifying bet on those events that have odds and evens, as bookmakers know to make a winning of some kind, punters will opt for the usual or certain winner in most cases. So, if you are unsure or unaware of the bets you are allowed to make, make sure you take the time to read up on the terms and conditions that come with the betting site. It will help you understand the extent of the restrictions that you may face.

Play through requirements

Generous bets are often ones that will come with very specific play through requirements. So, again, we highly suggest you check out the procedures that dictate your betting activities, before you can agree to the terms for yourself. Some free bets will add a certain number of wagering requirements that you need to follow through on, before you can even think of withdrawing your winnings. That often can be a big one for most beginners, as they overlook it and then come down the line of not being able to withdraw later on.

Geographical requirements

Other things a bookmaker may expect from you, include setting geographical locations to your free bet offer in particular. That means only certain countries will be able to qualify for a bet in the first place. So, if you are looking to make a deposit for the sake of getting matched with a free bet, it will be a wasted effort in doing so. If however, no geographical location is mentioned within the terms, you can assume all locations are included. Make sure you double check on that one, as it can be a one to easily be misled on.

How to actually use your free bet?

Using your free bet will really depend on you and what you like to wager on. We have so many sporting events around the world to consider, with the most famous ones such as the NBA, Tennis, Premier League and so on, right? Therefore, when claiming a free bet, you first need to ensure that you can use it on your favourite sports, as it can be possible that they are excluded within the terms (you never know), so get into the habit of checking up on them beforehand. Below are the ways you can make a free bet work towards your betting advantage.

Double your bankroll

First thing is first, a double of your bankroll can come from a free bet, all you need to do is cash in on those free bet offers that can match your deposit, they are called ‘match offers’ or ‘match promotion’. It can get your bankroll looking very healthy indeed, that is for sure.

Hedge bet

A hedge bet is one where you may choose a winning sports team and use your free bet to bet on the other, so essentially covering all angles, so you retrieve a win, one way or another. It’s a strategic tactic for sure, but you will obviously have to be okay with losing either way using this.

Make a return from your free bet

Last but not least, this can make your free bet bring a return, simply by engaging with matched betting. You will bet on an outcome with a betting exchange within a bookmaker, and vouch for one outcome that the bookmaker does not have hopes of working out. While that free bet is all the bookmaker’s money, you can still have a chance of cashing in greatly, if the odds are high anyway. Either way, you don’t lose out on anything, do you?

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