26th May2021

‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Franziska Schissler, Alex Ryan Brown, Chase Garland, Olivia Rivera, Mike Markoff, Allan Barao, Gilberto Ortiz, Kelsey Johnson, John Brown, Bianca Stein, Timothy McKinney | Written and Directed by Justin Price

I’ve got a weird love/hate relationship with writer/director Justin Price, insomuch as I’ll love one film, then hate the next. The last film I reviewed of his was The Mummy Rebirth, which I actually really enjoyed and – as I mentioned in my review – not in an ironic way; I dug the mythos of Price’s mummy movie, so much so I could look past the low-budget mature of the film. Which meant that when the opportunity to review a new Justin Price film came up, I had to check it out and see where this love/hate streak was headed this time!

Wrong Place Wrong Time, a ridiculously on-the-nose title, and sees a team of mercenaries plot to steal 14 billion dollars of laundered money. After being double-crossed, they find refuge in the middle of nowhere with a mysterious family carrying an unsettling secret. They discover that the man of the house is a creature of the dark and they must fight to survive the night…

The film kicks off in explosive style, with our mercenaries engaged in a daylight shoot out in an unnamed street, in an unnamed city. But that’s not the heist that goes wrong. In fact they make out like bandits, killing all the cops (and civilians) that try to stop them. Then there’s some convoluted plot thread about the gang splitting up and reconvening in the same warehouse they’re currently in – which conveniently lets one of the team cut a deal with a gangster.

Which is where things start to go wrong. Their billion-dollar heist, unseen by the audience as we’re only shown the aftermath, leads to them seeking refuge in a strange house in the country. Though as they walk into the home there’s quite an eerie scene featuring two girls, their hands tied, ankles chained, sat in their seats, not saying a word in a strange, almost catatonic, state – a scene which would have people in reality running for the hills. Not these guys. Idiots. They should’ve run.

Although given that a lot of the remainder of Wrong Place Wrong Time sees our mercenaries standing around arguing they probably don’t know they should’ve run either! Things get interesting though when Luther, the home owner, turns up and he begins taking on the mercenaries… And not in to John McClane, Die Hard style either. Nope, turns out Luther likes to rip off faces, tear out spines, eviserate and cause other previous bodily harm – all in grisly and bloody detail!

And that’s the thing. Like a lot of Price’s previous films, one thing that marks Justin Price’s work out, no matter the subject matter or the budget, is his penchant for great effects. From the great creature designs of The Dawnseeker and Alien: Reign of Man (two films I’m not a fan of but can still appreciate good FX) to the fantastic mummy designs of The Mummy Rebirth, Price’s film ALWAYS deliver in the effects department. And so does Wrong Place Wrong Time. In fact it delivers in spades.

However the effects can’t save Wrong Place Wrong Time from a slow pace and some cumbersome exposition, neither of which truly hurt the movie, merely reducing the impact a faster-paced, more tightly-edited film could have had. Though at only 75 minutes there might have not been enough film left with any more editing!

*** 3/5

Wrong Place Wrong Time is out now on DVD and Digital from Uncork’d Entertainment.


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