25th May2021

Popular iGaming payment methods

by James Smith

Payments or also known as deposits are considered as the revenue that keeps the sportsbook operational and kicking. Since the customer base includes a wide scope of needs in terms of moving money, the online sportsbooks would need to offer withdrawal methods and several deposits. Many people who like to bet do not have a credit card to use or some are very conscious about the transfer fees that can often be expensive.

As a paying customer, it is a must to pay close attention to determine the country you are depositing from and the methods that are available in that particular country. In addition, you might have to give immense documentation to verify such transactions you make, sadly other methods are available only on specific currencies or by that you won’t be able to withdraw your money back if you use the same method in doing the deposit. These are the factors that are needed to be considered before you want to start exploring popular gaming websites such as casino goose, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Credit / Debit card

Cards nowadays are still considered to be the most popular method of deposit, since it is fast, convenient and reliable. Deposits are automatically processed to your gambling account instantly. However, a registration procedure is required before doing your first deposit, you have to enter the details of your card as well as your personal ones. Several sites will encourage you to provide a copy of a valid ID and your proof of address for the purpose of security. This might show up only after the first attempt of withdrawal. The majority of the online operators will not charge if you are using credit cards and those who do charge usually do it by just a few percent.

Bank wire

Known to be the most traditional method, however, it is also one of the slowest types, to be honest. This method has been used before the internet and it still popular nowadays. As it is virtually a risk-free method to provide and specifically preferred by betters who deposit huge amounts. In order to do a simple bank wire transfer, simply request a transfer using your account to the account of the bookmaker, you can also do this yourself using home banking. There standard delay when using bank wire transfers, usually it is around 3-5 working days depending on your bank and country.


E-wallets is one of a kind methods today and gives you peace of mind since you won’t need to give out your credit card details in several locations when dealing with online payments. E-wallet gives you a guarantee of instant deposits and small transfer fees, not only that, the initial registration is very easy like your opening an account using your email address. During the withdrawal process, you will need to validate your personal details. These types of services work in conjunction and with the most traditional payment methods. There’s no need to worry about entering your money into an e-wallet.

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