20th May2021

Comic Concierge: Graphic Thoughts #8: Freiheit!, Infinitum & Black Panther Party

by Dan Clark

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GRAPHIC THOUGHTS #8: Freiheit!, Infinitum: An Afrofuturist Tale, and The Black Panther Party

This week’s Graphic Thoughts is all about individuals fighting back against oppression. It is also a good example of the variety comics provide as these three books cover similar themes through a variety of formats.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Opening
00:30 – Freiheit!
07:54 – Infinitum
15:22 – The Black Panther Party

You can also check out Dean’s review of The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History right here.

Books Discussed:

  • Freiheit!
    by: Andrea Grosso Ciponte
    Published By: Plough Publishing House
  • Infinitum: An Afrofuturist Tale
    by: Tim Fielder
    Published by: Amistad
  • The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History
    Written By David F. Walker
    Art By: Marcus Kwame Anderson

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