19th May2021

‘Asteroid-A-Geddon’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Eric Roberts, Veronika Issa, Terry Woodberry, Jennifer Lee Wiggins, Craig Gellis, Isaac J. Cruz, Gigi Gustin, D’Artagnan Woods, Rick Williamson, Regina McKee Redwing, Zachary Chicos, Juliana Destefano, Shawn C. Phillips | Written and Directed by Geoff Meed

[NOTE: With the film out now on DVD in the UK, here’s a reposting of our review of Asteroid-A-Geddon from its US streaming debut last year]

A global scientific summit debates and fails on a plan to stop a massive asteroid heading straight for Earth, with all countries blaming each other for the impeding disaster. With communications tense, the daughter of a tech billionaire assembles her own team of specialists to try to destroy the asteroid before it is too late.

The Asylum are back with yet another disaster movie, Asteroid-A-Geddon, only this one has a surprisingly on-point political undertone to it’s over-the-top end of the earth plot! You see we get military leaders who’d rather play politics than actually do anything about the oncoming disaster. They argue with politicians who are all out to satisfy their own political needs rather than putting their people first. Then there’s the lunatics – the far-right religious fanatics that think everything is god’s plan and, in this case, also decide to hijack ANY attempt to save the planet. Especially given as our heroine is a “occupy-looking vegan hipster type”… Woe betide anyone from the left tires to do anything to save the planet right?

Yes, everything in this film is a little on the nose for today’s socio-political climate! Which makes a brilliant change from making a dumb disaster movie, which in all honesty is what I expect from a film called Asteroid-A-Geddon.

Of course this IS a filmed called Asteroid-A-Geddon so we still get the usual low-budget CGI-filled SFX work (bad work) that audiences expect from The Asylum movies, though the effects here are of the particularly bad variety, like EARLY The Asylum films rather than their later, still cheesy but more competent, CGI efforts. Outside of the usual cheap FX we also get some rather on the nose social commentary.

Now some, no doubt, will complain that means we get more talking than action, but I found it refreshing to see an Asylum movie that actually took a political stance. Their titles are what I would call popcorn films, movies made to be laughed along to, or at in some cases at, but even with the rather poor production values and a return to the cheap and cheerful nature of the very early days of The Asylum (before they managed to get all that sweet Syfy channel money!) Asteroid-A-Geddon has more substance and depth than anyone could ever imagine a “Asylum” movie would.

And for those in the YouTube movie community, Coolduder himself, Shawn C. Phillips, has a pivotal role in this flick! Oh, and conspiracy nuts will love this one too – just don’t believe everything this film has to say!

Asteroid-A-Geddon is available on DVD now from High Fliers Films.


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