17th May2021

Will The Euro 2020 Finals be on Fifa 21?

by James Smith

Fans of Fifa have come to expect the game to host expansions that feature the latest major international tournaments. The partnerships between EA Sports and major competitions like the World Cups or European Championships have allowed fans to celebrate and recreate their favourite moments in football history. However, the long-standing history of Fifa expansions and UEFA seems to be under threat as other major game producers have come into play. The real question of the minds of football fans, both virtual and real-life, is, will the Euro 2020 Finals be on Fifa 21?

Will Fifa 21 Feature The Euros 2020?

According to Unibet Euro 2020 is one of the biggest football tournaments on the planet and is set to host 552 players from 24 nations in June 2021. With so much attention on the tournament, Fifa fans and football lovers alike are asking the question, will Fifa 21 feature the Euros 2020? Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is no.

The main reason why Fifa 21 will not be featuring the Euros 2020 is because of the EA Sports rival, Konami. Konami is a Japanese entertainment, video game, and gambling company that has won the bid to become the exclusive partner of UEFA. This means that it is Konami, rather than EA Sports, that has the right to create the official European Championship video game.

Konami’s partnership with UEFA was first announced back in August 2019 and included the Euro 2020 tournament. Konami later released a statement saying that the new version of their Pro Evolution Soccer game would have a 2021 update. The new version of the game would feature the latest player and club data relevant to the new season, this update would be launched in advance of the Euros 2020 date.

How Can You Play The Euro 2020 Mode

To be able to play the Euro 2020 content, you will need to purchase the Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 game as a standalone game or as part of the Season Update download package for the PES 2020. The game will feature a lot of Euro 2020 dedicated content such as the latest kits and squads, all of the UEFA national teams, a Euro 2020 tournament, and Cup mode, the matchday ball, the trophy, and both Saint Peterburg and Wembley Stadium.

Konami has tried to make the experience as authentic and realistic as possible. That is why the games’ manufacturer decided to add in details like the matchday ball, the trophy, and the up-to-day squads and kits.

The debate between which game is superior, Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer, is highly debated across football and video game-loving communities. If you are a diehard Fifa fanatic, you might be disappointed to learn that the Euro 2020 tournament will not be featured on Fifa 2021. However, it is worth remembering that Pro Evolution Soccer has many accolades that provide it with the potential to rival Fifa in many ways. Both games offer similar quality graphics, style, and presentation, as well as game modes and gameplay. So, if you are dying to play Euro 2020 content, it might be worth checking out the Euro PES package of Pro Evolution Soccer.

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