10th May2021

Opinionated: The Best Podcasts For Pending Travellers

by James Smith

We all can agree that in this very moment right now, we all are dreaming for the embrace of the wanderlust. The pandemic has definitely held us back, so while we are currently biding our time, the only way we can direct most of our excitement for travel is by exploring a good selection of travel podcasts. Not only does this allow us to let our imagination soar across the globe, you will find that travel podcasts are a great way of learning what cultural concepts are in store for you, when you take the plunge to travel there. The goal of today’s post, is to get you closer to exploring the cities and regions that you want most, without having to hop on that plane just yet.

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Nomads at the Intersections

The first podcast within our series, this welcomes co-hosts Naomi Grevemberg and Anaïs Monìque who voice their past experiences travelling across the globe. Talking from experience, these two voice experiences for those that wish to travel the globe from the humble settings of a van. Not only did they see much of what every corner of the globe has to offer, they also give you a realistic perspective of the environment you are surrounded by, when you work, live, sleep and eat in the same van for a set duration.

They further expand their show, by inviting fellow guests who have insights being flight attendants across multiple airlines, in addition to addressing how any modern-day traveller today can remain safe, if they are wishing to travel during the pandemic. With the many new safety precautions and facts that you need to know about each country you visit in the current pandemic, this podcast would definitely prove useful to you-especially for the world we face post lockdown.

The Atlas Obscura Podcast

This podcast highlights the world right in the palm of your hand. The way the information is divulged to you in a clever and quirky way, keeps your attention and engages you towards things you may have probably never known before. This is what makes this podcast super unique in comparison to others out there really. Countless facts harmonised and brought to you in a super informative way-without being overloaded at all. This is certainly appreciated in times where travel is hard and considered a luxury to have access to safely.

We would suggest if you want to jump in the deep end with episodes, make sure to check the ‘Pyramiden’. This episode actually goes into the history of Russia, and how an abandoned mining town is preserved within the fragments of time. If you feel like taking yourself down a rabbit hole of knowledge, know this, you will never look at travel in the same light airiness again.

Women Who Travel

We are sure the women out there will appreciate this Condé Nast Traveller’s podcast segment. Hosted by travel editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey, the show dives deep into the world and the experiences that mother nature can bring to you-but from a female experience. We often find that the biggest fear for women to travel alone, is the safety concerns and media that has stigmatised sole travel so profoundly. However, this podcast is not sore on the ears that way at all. In fact, it brings hope to all those women who want to live an adventure, one step at a time.

With this podcast, you will feel better equipped on how to travel alone as a woman. The ‘What We Wish We Knew Before Moving Abroad’ segment highlights the core practical information that will undoubtedly add to your confidence and get you contemplating on booking your next travel ticket stat. In addition to this, Katalina expands on her experiences moving to Bogota, as does Rachel, on her move to Berlin. So, if you are contemplating a move to a different country permanently, it may be valuable to listen to these girls first.

Great Adventures

Charles Thorp is the host of this podcast, and its centre around adventure in extreme climates around the planet. So, if sipping martinis on the beachfront of the Bahamas is more your thing, you may want to miss this one out, as this show focuses around pushing yourself to the brink of survival. We are talking swimming with sharks and living amidst low and painful temperatures. Yes, that kind of travel is what this podcast goes into depth about. Sure, it is not for everyone, yet for some, you will find this will be achingly difficult to listen too. It will make you itch for sky diving into the amazon rainforest and trekking dangerous terrain on the plains of the Himalayas etc.

Bearing in mind that there are plenty of episodes to tuck right into, you may want to start in the deep end first, we take it? Episode 62 goes into detail of the beauty of New Zealand, and the behind the scenes of the show, the Amazing Race. All the beautiful secrets of New Zealand are unloaded so intricately within this episode, making it a delight to ears of those that long to really feel free amongst the wilderness.

The Travel Diaries

The travel diaries by Holly Rubenstein, is one of the most listened to podcasts out there today, and once you listen to her podcasts too, you will most definitely agree with us too on this one. The show gives you and the audience to really hone in on the perspective of what it is like to travel the United States, if you are not local to the region. If you find yourself particularly nearing the idea of tackling the continent of North America, you may want to download a couple of her episodes first, to know of what to expect. It also makes great entertainment by the fact that Holly has a bunch of celebrities who are prone to travelling themselves on each episode too! Meaning you can learn from multiple perspectives, and not just one singular solo host, which can become repetitive in most cases, and mono-toned.

Each episode is broken up rather nicely, so that you are introduced to long hauls and short hauls for trips, meaning you can select if you are feeling in the mood of a short but sweet episode, or one that is super detailed and informative. Nevertheless, the episodes highlighted in Holly’s show are perfectly exciting, and we are so down for the travel storytelling style that she has given us.


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