10th May2021

‘MLW: Fusion’ Review (May 6th 2021)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling: Fusion review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have the season finale of a wrestling show. That’s new. What will the wrestlers do with no matches to wrestle? Will they get a f—king job?! These lazy bastards have been allowed to not work long enough! I have a job! Nobody kisses Brad Pitt’s ass like me! Nobody! Brad Pitt: Slut! Here! Now! Me: Yes master! Yes master! You’re the best master! Brad Pitt: I might have hit my son. I don’t know. Pizza! Now! Me: Yes master! Yes master! Brad Pitt: I want a pizza…a pizza that ass! Me: Yes master! Yes master! Just like Jonah Hill master! Brad Pitt: Joe-na is an excellent slut. Is bitch a good slut? Me: Yes master! Yes master! Brad Pitt: Then go back in time and kill…John Lennon! Me: Yes master! Yes master! Brad Pitt: Blame it on The Catcher In The Rye. That book was written by a perv. Me: Yes master! Yes… H.G. Wells: Don’t use that time machine! Jack The Ripper will escape back to 1979 if you do! Jack The Ripper: Time after time, Mr. Wells. Time after time… H.G. Wells: You bastard! You won’t kill that woman that looks like Mary Steenburgen! Help stupid idiot bald man! Help! Me: I can’t help you! I am the slut…the slut of Brad Pitt! Brad Pitt: Slut! Kill H.G. Wells! I shall send Jack The Ripper back to 1979 to kill John Lennon and pee in Garry Marshall’s lemonade. He’ll never know the difference. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Jack The Ripper: The second part of that plan is dumb. Me: I…uh…I…uh…I…I will kick asssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! Brad Pitt: Slut! What is the meaning of this? Ow! My face! Me: You have been punched you schmuck! Jack The Ripper: Can’t punch a knife! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Me: You’re played by…David Warner! Jack The Ripper: Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! (explodes) Me: …and now, Senor Brad Pitt, I shall send you to a time where you can never escape and never cause trouble again… World Trade Center: September 11th 2001 – Brad Pitt: I’m alive? HAHAHAHAHAHA (plane barreling toward building) Oh s—t. (plane crashes) Me: Don’t worry. I also put in a clincher to the machine that sent him simultaneously to 9/11 and Marlon Brando’s bed-room on the set of The Island Of Dr. Moreau. Brad Pitt: Oh God! Marlon Brando: You wanna help me f—k this midget?! Brad Pitt: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Me: MLW: Fusion starts now.

Match #1: Laredo Kid def. Gringo Loco

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

Days after the historic title vs title match in February, Laredo Kid refused to acknowledge the title switch. The bone of contention? That Lio tapped out! Lio, never shy, took to Twitter to address the issue. Laredo has a new Cruiserweight title and insisted on competing tonight – the same night Lio is defending the World Middleweight Title. Think he’s sending a message? That opponent is the bigger Gringo Loco who attempts to use the weight advantage against Laredo, but LK shows his quickness with an off the top hurricanrana! LK feels that momentum and leaps out of the ring to hit Gringo with another one! Gringo Loco manages to use power to his advantage by laying Laredo out with a Samoan Drop into a tornado DDT. Loco then locks him into a modified death lock to wear LK down. Gringo goes for a moonsault but Laredo avoids it. LK tries one of his own from up top, but Gringo catches him and plants him crisp on the canvas: 1-2-no! Both men brawl it out in the corner and Gringo ascends the ropes, a kick dazes him and LK leaps off once more with another awe-inspiring hurricanrana! 1-2-kick out by Loco! LK props Gringo up top and a kick to rib cage rattles Loco. Laredo lays it all on the line with a belly to belly somersault avalanche and the match is over!

The Score: 3 out of 10

Match #2: Richard Holliday def. Ariel Dominguez

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

Holliday makes sure his Air Pods are secure before the bell rings as Ariel amps himself up. Dominguez gets noted for his amateur wrestling background, but Holliday highlights his strength as he keeps his adversary grounded. That all gets with a major boot to the mush. All of it quickly unravels for Dominguez when Rich pops Ariel up high and then nails his 2008 finisher for the W.

The Score: 2 out of 10

Match #3: (Main Event) Myron Reed def. Lio Rush – MLW World Middleweight Title Match

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

The prestigious prize is raised, the bell rings and Reed/Rush 2 is underway. Lio lightly shoves Reed before the two rivals lock up. Myron wrenches Lio down via the left arm, but Rush reads Reed’s gameplan and rolls out of it. The two men lock it up. and now it’s Lio wrenching the arm, but not to be outdone, Reed rolls out of Rush’s clutch. Myron catches Rush off at the pass not once, but twice. The two men have one another so well scouted that the both evade respective attacks. Reed finds a window with a leg drop over the rope and on the apron. He then jumps in the ring to hit Rush with another leg drop to the back of the head. This causes Rush to roll out of the ring to reassess. It pays off as Lio lays in an enziguri to take control of the bout. Reed soon goes for a lariat but Lio whips through for a Russian leg sweep. He hits a standing frog splash and that gets him a two count. Rush begins to focus on the back leg of Reed before shoving him in the corner. He hits a crisp belly-to-back on the challenger for a near fall. Rush wraps Reed in a sleeper, but it’s Myron who shows strength by almost tossing Lio off. Rush stays patient and keeps locked in. He begins to torque the leg and limbs of Myron. Both men eventually do find themselves on their feet, but that doesn’t last long as Reed gets sent to the floor for an Asai moonsault attempt. Reed avoids that and leaps on top of Lio. Hot Fiyah is indeed fired up! Back in the ring, Reed nails Lio with a leaping lungblower. Two count. Ray Flores says it best as it is a “war of wills” between the two fighters. Lio shows that will with a reverse hurricanrana and then a one-man Spanish fly! Somehow Reed kicks out and Lio yells in frustration. Lio quickly slaps at Reed for some head games, but Reed fires back with a headbutt. The scales of momentum go back and forth as it’s Rush who dives on Reed on two separate occasions! Lio springboards at Reed for a Stunner, but Reed catches Lio for an inverted suplex. Reed hits a flying cutter and then a Air Raid slam for such a near fall! Myron can’t believe it. Rush lays Reed out harshly with a swift spinning roundhouse. This allows Rush to rise up top, but Reed wisely rolls under the ropes to thwart any such high-flying. Reed catches Rush hard with a strike on the apron. He follows up with an attempted cutter on the outside, but Lio scouts it and shoves him into the post! Reverse hurricanrana before nailing his “Final Hour” frog splash. The momentum pops Lio off a cover and it allows just enough time for Myron to get his shoulder up at two. Lio takes his time to assess what he’s going to do for a follow-up. He unwraps his wrist tape and then picks Reed up on his shoulders, but it’s Myron who hits the Cap’n Crunch and follows it up with his No Cap Splash! 1-2-3!

The Score: 7 out of 10

Final Verdict: 5/10

This was the one match show and it was a pretty good match. Reed getting the strap was a nice capper for the season and Rush is stable enough as a wrestler that he can lose and not feel like it’s the end of his career. It was a fun Middleweight prize fight and it was nice to have on this episode. Dario Cueto is El Jefe and will be a part of the next season of the show. Salina de la Renta is gone and out of MLW for now, with Cueto having her “sacrificed” to…some asshole. This was a show ended with a whimper, but at least it sounded real pretty. I hope that the next season is more tailored around the combat sports presentation that is starting to be employed more, because it makes a world of difference to see upcoming touring schedule be portrayed as a fight schedule. I hope that MLW is on the road to prosperity. I’ll see you next time.


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