06th May2021

Comic Concierge: Star Wars & Marvel Universe Crossovers

by Dan Clark

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Imagining Star Wars and Marvel Universe Comic Book Crossovers | A Star Wars Day Celebration

In celebration of Star Wars day doing a special video that imagines what it would look like if the Star Wars universe and the Marvel Universe were ever to crossover. In this edition focus on some fun character pairings and why they would lead to good stories.

Time Stamps:

00:00​ – Opening
01:55​ – Captain America / Captain Rex
05:41​ – Wolverine / The Mandalorian
09:16​ – Rey / Ms. Marvel
12:35​ – Rocket & Groot / Han & Chewie
15:00​ – Darth Vader / Red Skull
17:30​ – Doctor Doom / Grand Admiral Thrawn
19:29​ – Ahsoka Tano / Black Widow
21:44​ – Kingpin / Jabba the Hutt
23:24​ – Black Panther / General Kenobi
26:04​ – Luke Skywalker / Spider-Man

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