29th Apr2021

eBuying Comics: Week 56

by Ian Wells

Non essential shops are now back open as the opening up after the Covid-19 lockdowns ramps up. It has been a breath of fresh air seeing on social media all comic shops over the UK I have visited or want to visit in the future re-opening their doors. The positivity and suppport these shops and all the staff have been receiving makes me proud to be part of the very inclusive community of comics fandom. With this re-opening I thought I would count the selling aspect of eBuying Comics as non essential, so I am getting back into the swing of things with a 99p sale. I am usually sceptical about starting at the 99p price mark but with all the positive vibes in the air I thought now would be a good time. All the items listed have previously been listed before under the tenure of eBuying Comics. I feel the low price point is fair for these items. I would always be against doing it for some of my other items, like the comics in the X-Men feature I had a few months back now. I will always lower a comics price if it gains lots of views but no watchers. Rarely do I go as low as 99p though. My thinking is if I list something for 99p it will sell for 99p! From a buyers point of view too I have rarely had success swooping in on items that start at 99p and have no bids. Recently however I did get a Suicide Squad #2 whilst watching listings for #1 escape my grasp. Of course I will be sitting on this until the release of the movie and seeing what kind of profit I can make.

As a buyer one of the aspects of eBay I have never understood is people bidding on a 99p item when it has days, even weeks left till the end. When I see it happening it makes me think I am merely playing at this level rather than competing! A few weeks back I saw a Absolute All Star Superman hardcover start at 99p. It eventually went for £28.07 after 10 bids which is a real bargain for this edition of the classic Morisson and Quitely story arc. Having the confidence to start a listing at 99p shows the seller has a good understanding of the market and knowing what comics are in demand at a specific time. Where as my approach is to start something at 99p because I don’t think it is worth anything. I have even started as low as 50p and still not been able to shift some comics. Perhaps if this round of listings goes well I will have more confidence to start better grade and better quality comics at 99p. Here are the comics I have listed (with my own grades) and why.

Marvel Knights #1

I didn’t grade this one as I wasn’t confident enough to assess how much the rusted staples would affect its price. I mentioned it then talked up the quality of the interiors. Having recently rewatched The Defenders on Netflix I used that as a selling point.

Iron Fist Annual  NM

Some how I acquired a double of this and it is a really fun issue so anyone getting it for 99p is getting entertained for cheap in my opinion.

Deadpool Pulp TPB

As with all my trade paperback listings I don’t grade them. Instead I go fot the honest read a handful of times but well looked after. This is the first time ever listing a TPB at 99p. Deadpool is always popular so am expectingat least some eyes on this listing.

The Defenders #85 7.5 VF-

Part of a random comic grab bag I brought nearly 2 years ago now. I sold onw of the three this was the oldest comic in the bag so thought it would be the most sellable. I’m using the guest appearance of Black Panther as a selling point.

Maverick #2 Variant NM

There most be other people who like Maverick as much as me and this variant cover will get them salivating. Years ago I brought the entire Maverick season from eBay as a job lot, except when it arrvied it had both covers for #2 and no #12. As much as I love the series I don’t need both covers. I opted to sell the B cover over the regular one.

Havok & Wolverine Meltdown #1

Another issue I acquired a double of. Got the second in a charity shop for £1 so could make a small profit here. If you don’t count the fact I brought the same issue twice! A few years back this series was highly sought after but it has recently been printed in a new TPB so people are accessing it that way.

The Walking Dead #163

Always a popular series, which of course means there are a lot of these online. Again expecting a lot of eyes on this, whether any pulls the trigger is a different story. If it does receive a lot of attention without a bid it could be worth dropping it to 50p to compete with the numerous listings for this issue. Its part if the Image 25 year anniversary but in the run of story it isn’t a stand out issue in anyway.

These listings will be up for a week and I will relist them a couple of times before moving on to toher items. In the second week I will relist some of the trading cards I listed last year at a cheaper starting point to fall under the umbrella of my end of lockdown sale. This sale is also a way of using up envelopes so that I can then look into buying them in bulk and working them into the P+P price like a proper business man.

Without doubt the big comic book movie news of last week was the release of the Shang Chi trailer. I am not going to lie, this was a bitter sweet moment for me. Shang Chi is a character I have heavily been invested in collecting back issues of Master of Kung Fu for the last three plus years. Obviously like everyone I missed a year of convention going and the movie got delayed but now it is upon us and it only means price hikes. I started collecting Wolverine comics after the first X-Men movie and Daredevil comics after the Affleck movie. I was able to get huge chunks of back issues relatively cheaply and as I was new to the game I was pretty happy to pay whatever. I didn’t know the going rates. So to have a movie released midway through my collecting is a whole new ball game. Not just any movie as well, an MCU movie! After only a week prices on eBay for key issues such as Marvel Special Edition #15 and Master of Kung Fu #17 haven’t spiked a great deal with them holidng round the £300 and £100 mark respecitvely. I think one saving grace that may prevent huge price increases for the entire series could be the fact that the comic is very much a product of its time. The tone of the movie presented in the trailer seems a million miles away from the source material. A good case in point is that there are already listings of eBay for #115 (first Death Dealer) using the trailer as a selling  point for £200! Luckily I can say I already have it and even better I can say I spent only £5 on a very good condition copy. My wishful thinking then is that large parts of the comics will still be accessible at good prices, as the movies are going to go off and be their own thing. Is the movie really going to touch on characters like Clive Reston, Rufus T Hackstabber or Melissa Greville? The closer we get to the movie I will do a more indepth look at some key issues.


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