26th Apr2021

Why eSport is a Good Opportunity for the Betting Industry

by James Smith

eSports is a growing global industry that involves skilled video gamers playing competitively. Just as traditional sports compete in football, basketball, and baseball, eSports entails competitions in a range of video games. Many people think that eSports only occurs in basements where young adults spend their time. Contrary to this belief, the eSport industry is real, growing worldwide, and you can invest in it. eSports has a viewership of over 380 million people, both in-person and online. In 2016, an eSports game world final, League of Legends, was watched by 43 million viewers, which is more than the number of people who viewed the NBA Finals Game 7 in the same year at 31 million viewers. With its digital platform and fragmented landscape, eSports promises several monetisation opportunities, especially in betting.

The Future of eSports Betting

Betting on eSports is gaining momentum with each passing day. This should not come as a surprise as the market is swamped by online video games, seen in the new generation of sports. Currently, the eSports industry is worth over 1 billion, and it is expected to increase in the coming years. How can this fact be helpful to you?

In recent years, bookmakers noted an increase in demand for a functional eSports betting market. After unearthing the potential, they quickly implemented a feature that lets gaming lovers bet on the most prominent gaming tournaments, such as the World Championship and League of Legends.

One distinct advantage of eSports betting is it functions similarly to traditional sports, meaning that odds are based on team statistics. It is up to you to decide the team that will win the match. If you are an ardent follower of major gaming championships, you will be in a better position to know who has higher chances of winning and place your bet accordingly. If you desire to be a serious bettor in eSports, you need to have a betting strategy. The following are some key factors to make you succeed in eSports betting.

Choose the Right Bookmaker

If you want to start eSport betting, you should start by signing up with a licensed casino operator to avoid getting scammed. There are pirate casinos that can fail to submit your winnings even after a correct prediction of an outcome. This advice might seem like an obvious thing, but many beginners do not know where to start with eSports betting. Your chosen betting platform must have no bet amount limit, best odds, and low margins. Compare different bookmakers before choosing one that best suits you.

Research before Planning the Bets

It is important to research extensively in any betting market you plan to venture into. If eSports is your thing, you probably spend many hours watching professional teams compete on YouTube or live stream. Researching on eSports requires you to have a deep understanding of the performance of a team and game mechanics. Take time identifying the strategy employed by all the teams in the championship. After some time, you will notice a specific play pattern that could help speculate the outcome.

Track your Success

If you want to succeed in eSport betting, you should have a long-term strategy. Despite having some easy wins because you got lucky, you need to measure the right and wrong guesses. After getting an accurate picture of your win rate, you will better analyse your losses and figure out where you went wrong.

Do Not Bet on too Many Games.

Even if you are a novice in eSports betting, you probably know that it is a bad idea to bet on every game. For this reason, be careful when selecting the games you bet on, considering the odds listed in your bookmaker’s site and the knowledge you gathered when researching the teams.

Execute a Staking Approach

If you want to maximise your winnings, you have to apply a staking approach in your betting. Essentially, you will have to give priority to the events and change the value of the bets. You do not want to place a bet on an underdog, even with your favourite player being on the team.

Do not Bet with Emotions

Having a gut feeling or liking a team should not be enough reason to bet on a team, as your assumptions may be incorrect. Always place a bet based on facts and do not get tilted. Getting tilted means ditching your strategy and going with your intuition after a losing streak; this will result in you losing more money.

Do not Solely Rely on the Odds.

Beginners in eSports betting will see high odds in an event and immediately bet on an underdog because you want to gain huge returns. The truth is the odds are based on probability, which is the bookmaker’s opinion on what the outcome will be; the higher the odds, the lower the chance that the team will win. However, this is not to say that an underdog can never win against a good team. It would help if you did not solely depend on the bookmaker odds to make a bet. Instead, calculate the probability by factoring in all you gathered when researching the teams and by analysing games, especially where they have played against each other before.

In conclusion, now that you know how eSports works, you can start looking for opportunities. Keep in mind a gambler has to have patience, meaning that you should not bet based on intuition or incomplete information.

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