26th Apr2021

Top 5: Things you should Never do Playing Blackjack

by James Smith

If you love playing casino games and hoping to win some money, then the blackjack casino game should not be something new. Even for a beginner, the popular casino game is easy to master and play, provided you know the game’s rules and how to win.

Since blackjack is a strategic game, one should be very careful and follow the rules to ensure they play the game as required. To win in a game, you should beat a dealer by achieving a hand of 21 or a very close score to 21 and better than the dealer’s hand. Knowing all this is just the first step of having a great experience playing blackjack.

There are a lot of things that you should never do when playing blackjack. Some things might be obvious to the experienced players, but beginners might forget and do them. Also, with the changes in technology, online casinos are growing at a high speed. With casinos offering blackjack increasing in number, the number of players is expected to increase significantly. Therefore, there is a need to know about the top things one should never do while playing blackjack. Below are some of them.

Never play before you understand the rules of the game

Since this is a strategy game, you must play by the rules to win. This might not be a problem for experienced players, but it is a big one for beginners. Some may go online, create an account, and start playing without knowing that there are different blackjack variants with various rules.

Playing without knowing and understanding the game rules can result in you losing a lot of money unnecessarily as the possibilities of making illegal moves are very high. Also, you can make moves that give the dealer the winning position.

For a starter, knowing how the game goes and the rules should be your first strategy. Also, by familiarizing yourself with the game, you can understand the different variations and the rules of each blackjack variation. Click here to learn more about how to play blackjack for free about the game’s basic rules and strategies to boost your odds of winning against the house. Without the rules at your fingertips, you won’t enjoy a smooth game experience, plus you may end up losing a lot, which can be frustrating.

You should never cheat in blackjack

This is one thing that should never be done in a blackjack game, even if you are losing terribly. The consequences of cheating are very dire in both land-based and online casinos. Anyone found cheating or using software to manipulate the game can have their accounts suspended or cancelled together with all their winnings. The casino can also fine you huge sums of money. If you are not good, it’s better to stop playing and practice rather than using illegal tactics.

Never play at a 6-5 blackjack table

A regular blackjack game usually pays out 3:2. This shows that for every £2 you wager, you get paid £3, and for a gamble of £4, you get £6. This is much better than a table that pays 6:5 because you get £6 for wagering £5 and £12 for £10. With that comparison, it is clear that you make much more money at a table that pays 3: 2. The difference may look tiny, but the amount will be huge if you play several times.

To make things clear, on a 3:2 table, you would get £60 for wagering £40 after winning ten hands of blackjack, while on a 6:5, you would only get £50 after placing a bet of the same amount. This would give you £10 more than when you wager in a 6-5 table.

Never use guesswork as a strategy

Blackjack is a game that requires you to follow the rules and come up with strategies that will help you raise your chances of winning. Not having a plan and only using guesswork will only lead you to a path of very many stressful losses. The basic blackjack strategy has helped many experienced players get where they are.

If you have not mastered the strategies, you can carry a basic blackjack cheat sheet to guide you when to stand, hit, double down or any other plays instead of guessing in a blackjack game. You can also learn the many different strategies as you gain experience.

Don’t use your emotions while playing

Sometimes, one can get emotional when playing blackjack. This is because the game is quick, and if you are losing too much, you may find yourself trying to chase losses. To avoid this, always plan on your budget and don’t take the game with emotion. If you are losing, stop playing or reduce your wagers till things turn around.

Playing an emotions-free is the only way to have a smooth and exciting game when playing blackjack. Always remember the rules and strategies that increase your chances of winning.

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