26th Apr2021

The Biggest eSports Tournaments to Follow this Year

by James Smith

Unlike most things, the video game market gained a lot in 2020. More people joined the gaming industry to relieve stress, connect with friends, and make money through bets. However, it was not all gains since most of the esports tournaments planned for last year were either cancelled or postponed. These tournaments attract millions of people across the world who stream via Twitch and other streaming platforms. The events are hosted in stadiums, and fans can buy tickets to watch the gamers compete live.

That said, most events were cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 social distance rules. Still, the video game market made a profit of $ 1.1 billion, an increase of $150 million from 2019. These figures are expected to increase as more and more people get interested in video games and the tournaments that come with them. Wazoo expects the video game profits to increase up to $1.6 billion by 2023.

Now that the world is getting to order from the events of the pandemic year, many esports events are expected to happen this year. There are hundreds of events planned for the year, but not all have come to most people’s attention. However, there some events that any hardcore esports fan should not miss. These events include:

1. League of Legends World Championship

With a prize pool of $6.7 million, the league of legends tournament is one of the most awaited esports tournaments of 2021. The event is scheduled to happen in the most populated country globally, China, later this year. The date is not confirmed yet, but everything points out to the event taking place this year. After all, the event was still hosted last year, despite everything going on with Covid-19 and political heat.

Unlike most years, the 2020’s event was conducted in a bio-security bubble to protect the players. Furthermore, there were no fans, as most-streamed the event. Similarly, the 2021’s event is expected to follow the same format, fans following Esports live scores through Twitch and other streaming platforms. Depending on how the year shapes up, the first rounds of the tournament are expected to happen in various cities across the country. Then, the later rounds will take place in Shenzhen.

2. Fifa eWorld Cup 2021

The World Cup is one of the most-watched sports tournaments in the world. It has been around since 1930, but it was until 2004 when the esports tournament was introduced. With time, the esports tournament has grown into the most prominent in the world. It attracts millions of players, and its prize pool is usually $3 million.

Typically, the initial stages of the tournament allow all gamers to participate, and the losers are eliminated as it progresses. It usually takes place every year, but the most recent one took place in 2019 since the 2020 one was postponed. Mohammed Harkous from Germany won the coveted prize in 2019. However, the event is expected to happen later this year, although the date has not been confirmed yet.

3. Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite is, undoubtedly, among the most popular video games in the world. The game has over 350 million players and amasses millions of dollars in revenue, despite being a free game. Its World Cup tournament is usually one of the most anticipated esports tournaments in the world. The winner takes home millions of dollars, given that the prize pool is a whopping $30 million.
The 2021 event date has not been confirmed yet, but we can expect it to happen during the summer, like 2019. The qualifiers will begin at least three months before the finals, so we can expect it to happen as early as May 2021.

4. Pokemon World Championship Series 2021

Unlike most esports world series that are open for everyone, this Pokeman tournament is invitation-only. The winner is set to bag home a grand prize of $500 thousand in this event scheduled for August 2021 in London, UK. The tournament will follow a similar pattern as the last year’s, including three divisions, master, junior, and senior. It will take place for four days.

5. Evolution Championship Series

Founded in 1996, the Evolution Championship series is one of the most popular and oldest esports tournaments. The tournament’s series follow a double-elimination format. In 2019, the winner took a total of over $200,000 home. However, the prize money was $15,000. The prize pool for 2021 has not been confirmed yet, but we know that the event will occur between the weekend of August 6-8 and August 13-15. The news for the prize pool and other information will be released soon, and we will be the first to inform you.

6. Call of Duty World Championship 2021

The Call of Duty tournament usually has 32 teams from Asia, Brazil, and North America. It takes place for four days, and the teams square up against each other until the winner is found. In 2019, the tournament took place in Los Angeles between August 14 and August 18, with the winner taking home a total of over $800,000. The prize pool for 2021 is $2 million, and the tournament will take place online via PC instead of the usual PS4 console. The date for the tournament has not been confirmed yet, but we are hopeful it will be confirmed by the end of April.

Wrapping Up

The above are the most anticipated esports tournaments of 2021? You can bet for these tournaments since major bookies will be providing the option. Which tournament are you anticipating the most?

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