21st Apr2021

How much of a nerd are you? Find out with Nerd Bingo.

by James Smith

Online entertainment is now a staple in any household since lockdowns forced everyone to adapt their hobbies into a four wall capacity. Looking up some engaging online casinos has proved a very popular trait throughout the entirety of lockdown, but good old bingo remains to be a longstanding favourite with all walks of life. Bingo? Yes, that’s right. However, maybe not in the sense you may be thinking. Nerd bingo is taking the world by storm.

What is Nerd bingo?

Featuring the same kind of objective to mark everything off of your game board, Nerd Bingo is a fun and engaging alternative to the common form of gambling, which marks off tasks instead of numbers. On any given day a player can decide whether they want to mark off a line, two lines or go for a full house. Played against a fellow nerd or alone for something to make the day a little different, Nerd Bingo encourages bingo players to get the most out of their day and have some fun along the way. Examples of tasks included on the bingo board can include; ‘Cleaned your desk’, ‘had lunch outside of the office’ and even ‘tried two or more new Red Bull flavours’.

What’s the point of it?

Lockdown has had a huge impact on mental health across the globe and has seen people isolated for days, weeks and even months at a time. Completely losing all forms of social interaction has proved costly for many, which is where the elements of online casinos and bingo come into play so to speak. Not only does Nerd Bingo offer a bit of fun to break up yet another day in doors with no one for company, but it also provides social interaction of a different matter to help those struggling to have something to say when messaging work colleagues. Zoom calls and other virtual hangouts have witnessed big growth over the past year and Nerd Bingo certainly plays its part in entertaining colleagues, friends and families.

Online Bingo as An Alternative

There are tons of ways to play bingo online today with a flurry of websites and software developers designing new bingo style games for the online market. And as a new player in the UK, you can grab hold of some amazing welcome bonus offers when you make your first deposit. Online bingo comparison platforms such as which bingo are the best resources for information about bonus offers, online bingo website, bingo games available, deposit and withdrawal options available so you can play bingo online using real money bets, and which bingo websites are the best for mobile gameplay!

Other applications for Nerd Bingo

Although bingo instantly initiates a concept of gambling, social fun and dabbers, Nerd Bingo also has a practical application for enhancing workflow too. Instead of writing lists and lists of things to do, bingo boards are a different way to tick off the tasks of a day with a bigger feeling of satisfaction. Including all tasks which can be done to enhance work productivity and team engagement, Nerd Bingo is an activity which can be used for entire teams of workers as a kind of incentive to win a small prize at the end. Competitive motivation is often highly rewarding for all involved and almost certainly gets better results than the usual mundane office meeting over lukewarm cups of coffee. Before plunging in at the deep end, have a go at creating a board for fun first and see what you can mark off.

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