19th Apr2021

‘MLW: Fusion’ Review (Apr 15th 2021)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s MLW: Fusion review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Ted Koppel and…Nathan Favel…Nathan Favel…right. As a 1950s housewife, my craw is as dry as an Ethopian’s drinking cup. We all need to give a s–t about the poor Ethiopians. My husband doesn’t care about the poor Ethiopians…so I’m gonna poison his coffee! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! My Husband:
Hey hun. Me and our Ethiopian adopted son M’Klonkloo are gonna go fishing! Me: For what? Your whore?! M’Klonkloo: Mogadogala meeku nakadala veepu boshway boshway boshway. Me: I gave you a home, food…sex! I give a s–t! What has dick-fer-brains given you? Love? Respect? I gave you Chlamydia! My Husband: Oh my goodness! M’Klonkloo: Bogada bogada bogada! Me: I don’t care! I’ve got a bomb! My Husband: Whatcha gonna do brother, when the power of HULKAMANIA runs wild on you?! M’Klonkloo: Gobbada! Me: He just said that! Bugs Bunny: Hey Mack! Do you… Me: F–k Albuquerque! The Emperor Of Mattel Toys: I must Mattel you something. You are a rooster illusion! Cockadoodledamnit! Me: Nooooooooooooo! (wakes up) What a dream. Mrs. Doubtfire: Who wants a gummy?! Me: That better mean what I think it means. Peter Lorre: MLW: Fusion begins!

Match #1: Richard Holliday def. Gino Medina – IWA Carribean Title Match

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

Bell sounds as the two former faction mates jaw jack before shoving and getting down to business. Gino capitalizes with a crisp calf kick that sends Rich rolling out of the ring. Shots and chops are traded between the two and it’s Gino who slingshots himself back in the ring to only receive a back elbow for a near fall. The two competitors jock for position in the corner and Gino almost squeaks out a victory with his feet on the ropes, unbeknownst to the official. Medina continues his offense with a massive short arm clothesline and stomps on the left hand of Rich. He chokes Holliday with his hoof in the corner. The mind games are very prevalent on the end of Medina, but it’s very much a teeter totter of hard shots. Holliday does catch Medina with a superkick and enforces a spinebuster for a very near fall. Holliday further gets rocked with a snake eyes and then hits a big knee for another two count. The mind games continue with Gino as he hits Holliday’s own 2008 and covers: 1-2-no! There is however an exposed turnbuckle and Gino does hit a 540 kick, but he ends up colliding with that turnbuckle. Richard hits his 2008 and gets the 1-2-3! Richard retains!

The Score: 6 out of 10

Match #2: Los Parks def. Dirty Blondes – MLW World Tag Team Title Match

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

The Dirty Blondes and Blake are being bankrolled by Col. Robert Parker and they put their money where their mouths are by immediately beating down Los Parks. Michael Patrick pounds LA Park’s head against the corner while Leo Brien headbutts El Hijo. The challengers continue that offense and send the father and son colliding with one another. The foursome get tangled up in the corner and it allows LA Park to slingshot crossbody himself on the Blondes for a near fall! Los Parks looks to continue that offense, but Aria Blake and Brien pull the champs to the outside to incite a donnybrook. Back in the ring, complete carnage commences with a series of clotheslines that has El Hijo standing tall. Patrick low blows the son up top and then crashes on top of him for a cover, but the father holds the hand of the official to prevent the win! Patrick then low blows LA Park, but meanwhile, the Azteca associate lifts up the ring skirt to reveal LA Park Jr. As the official and Blondes have their backs turned, Park Jr. sneaks up with stereo low blows. This allows the legal Los Parks to roll the Blondes up for the three count!

The Score: 5 out of 10

Match #3: (Main Event) Alex Hammerstone def. Mil Muertes – MLW Openweight Title Match

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

Bell rings and Hammer hits Mil with a pump kick. Muertes fires right back but Hammer throws him with a big time belly to belly. Mil continues to strike back, but it’s Hammer who downs him with a massive missile dropkick from up top! The two behemoths battle on the outside and Mil sends him hard into the ring post before breaking the 20 count. He continues to dole out punishment on Hammer and Mil continues to stomp away at Alex in the corner. Belly to back suplex by Mil. He feeds knees into the back of Hammer before stomping on the champs head. Hammer shows resiliency as he fights back, but Mil continues his frightening offense. Vicious lariats in the corner by Muertes. Hammer gets a foot up but a big time clothesline downs the champion. Repeated shoulder thrusts in the corner. Hammer does elude a charge of Muertes and it causes Mil to crash in the post, but it’s not long before Hammer suffers the same fate. The two men lariat one another center ring! The official begins a ten count and Mil is the firs to stir. Both happen to make it to their feet simultaneously and Hammer gets the better with a running lariat in the ring and then in the corner. A boot to the face before Hammer deadlifts Mil in a wrist clutch and suplexes him over. He covers, but Mil muscles a shoulder up. Mil is quick to recover with a powerslam that gets a near fall on the champ. He picks Hammer up in a fireman’s carry, but Alex shakes free and kicks Mil down! He covers for a near fall. Just a devastating battle so far. Mil hits a backstabber on Hammer for a near fall of his own. He tries to pick Hammer up but the champ fights back only to take a few headbutts. Hammer however hits a gigantic German suplex and then a sit-out powerbomb for such a close fall! Mil makes Hammer dizzy with a jawbreaker and the two men trade shots on their knees. They both fight to their feet and Mil gets a series of right hands. Both men attempt their finishers, but it’s Hammer who gets the better and hits his Nightmare Pendulum for the 1-2-3 title retain!

The Score: 7 out of 10

Final Verdict: 5/10

We had three matches here. This was a night of prize fights. The first title bout was for Carribean pride between two men who have a certain sort of agility that is rather impressive. Back and forth was the name of the game and the game was played very well, despite not to perfection. The champion retained in a fashion that, while not immensely memorable, it was appropriate and convincing. The next bout concerned the tag titles and was a unique contest that, while rather rabid and feral, was still a visual pleasure of brief proportions. This match was like a candle that burned twice as fast and melted twice as quickly. For every move made, it felt like two were being missed. A lot happened, yet it all seemed to disappear just as quickly. I practically missed the finish, simply because this bout was so rushed. Still, it was entertaining and that does matter. Finally, we have our main event, which pitted Hammerstone against Mil Muertes, who’s been parading about with Hammerstone’s belt after having had stolen it. From the start, these two were neck and neck in a grueling contest of guts and glory. Only one man could consistently answer the other’s attacks and that one lone warrior was Hammerstone. The champion huffed smoke from his stack like a runaway freight train as he raged to the end of the fight with the barbaric Muertes. In the end, Hammerstone defeated Mil Muertes in grand fashion to bring their long feud to a bitter end. If I was a dink, I would’ve said that s–t. Instead, I’ll rest on these three matches being decent. Nothing blew me away, but it all held together. We had a bunch of promos that were good, but they were promos, so who cares? The idea of being a night of titles was very promising and while it didn’t quite work, it was also easy to enjoy. I still think MLW is doing too much at once with all of these divisions and storylines, but at least there are efforts being made by MLW to be interesting. Well, I think that’s the end of this review. Thank you for reading. I’ll see you next time.


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