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‘AEW: Dynamite’ Review (Apr 14th 2021)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s AEW: Dynamite review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and Mrs. Robinson just tried to seduce me! Jerry: Nice. Me: No Jerry! Not nice! I’m married! I don’t want to f–k other women! Jim: Pussy. Nail her! Me: I don’t cheat! Besides, she forced herself on me! No means no! Ralph: You better f–k her in the ass or I’ll shoot you like the rainbow fairy-f–k that you are! Me: I love my wife! I…oh no. Mrs. Robinson: Get over here you little cream puff! No one says no to me! Me: I just did. Mrs. Robinson: Come on boys! Let’s show this little boy how men treat a woman! (she starts to f–k the other men) Jonjo: Is that old chick nailing those men? Me: Yeah. Jonjo: Is am computer programs supposed to be watchin’ this sorta stuff? Me: Not if you don’t want to. Jonjo: Then I’m just gonna turn on Hypno-Toad! (Hypno-Toad does hypno s–t) Me: Well, I wasn’t expecting this to happen. I’m just gonna head on home and finish this review through our resident TalkTech program Jonjo, who seems… Jonjo: Hypno-Toad! Me: Yeah. He’s fine. Dynamite starts now.

Match #1: The Young Bucks def. PAC and Rey Fenix – AEW World Tag Team Titles Match

The following is courtesy of allelitewrestling.com:

Callis joined the broadcast team for this match. PAC and Matt Jackson started the match for their respective teams. Matt and PAC engaged in a beautiful chain wrestling sequence, with both wrestlers countering one another move for move until they finally got into one another’s faces, with Matt waving cockily at PAC. Matt tagged out to his brother Nick. Rey Fenix tagged in and he challenged Nick. Rey Fenix thought he had Nick Jackson outsmarted after some counter holds until Nick Jackson hit him with a dirty clothesline. The Bucks tried to double-team Rey Fenix but Death Triangle countered! PAC flipped to the outside onto the Bucks and then Rey Fenix built up a head of steam and launched himself like a missile onto Nick Jackson with a tope suicida! Back in the ring, Matt Jackson swept out the legs of Rey Fenix and then shoved PAC back to the outside! Nick tagged in and blasted PAC with a running punt kick. Then Nick spiked Rey Fenix on the crown of his head. The Bucks used a hip toss and then a double dropkick on Rey Fenix. The Bucks tried to hip toss Rey Fenix into the ropes but he countered, avoiding a superkick and then tagging out to PAC. Nick was sent down hard to the mat after a shotgun dropkick by PAC! Then “the Bastard” made Matt eat some vicious roundhouse kicks and followed up with a brainbuster in the center of the ring for a near fall! Nick interfered from the outside, and the distraction on PAC set up a blindside attack by Matt Jackson.

The Bucks stomped on PAC until Rey Fenix ran over, and then they double-teamed Rey Fenix! The Bucks powerbombed both members of the opposition onto the ring apron! Nick ran to PAC and connected with a rising knee strike in the corner. They isolated PAC in their corner, as Matt tagged in and raked PAC’s back. Matt mocked PAC, taking a play out of Super Dragon’s playbook. PAC had enough of Matt Jackson’s crocodile tears and turned him inside out with a crisp clothesline! Rey Fenix and Nick Jackson tagged in and Nick was sent flying after a springboard clothesline from Rey Fenix! The Bucks had their hands full with Rey Fenix, who hit Matt with thrust kicks and then took Nick down off the top rope! Rey Fenix followed up with a double cutter on The Young Bucks! PAC hoisted up Nick Jackson and then Rey Fenix rained down with a stomp to the back of Nick’s head! PAC followed up with a blue thunder bomb for a (very) near fall! Nick Jackson came in, and after some intense back and forth between the teams, he decimated Rey Fenix with a rebounding destroyer! A firefight erupted as Matt Jackson and PAC slugged it out in the center of the ring. On the arena floor, Rey Fenix used a poison rana on Matt Jackson, while Nick Jackson used a poison rana on PAC! Stereo poison ranas! Rey Fenix charged at Nick but Nick dodged it and then superkicked Rey Fenix! But then Rey Fenix countered with a cutter on the outside! Back in the ring, PAC used an avalanche brainbuster on Matt Jackson, and then Rey Fenix crashed down with a frog splash for a near fall! PAC soared from great heights with the Black Arrow! Rey Fenix tried to trap Nick Jackson while PAC had Matt covered, but Nick was able to push Rey Fenix onto PAC, breaking the count! Nick Jackson dropped Rey Fenix with a hard clothesline! Nick used a low blow on PAC, but Rey Fenix was close enough to tag his Death Triangle partner. Rey Fenix jumped off the top rope and landed squarely into a superkick by Nick Jackson! And then Nick Jackson ripped off Rey Fenix’s mask! Rey Fenix used his hands to conceal his identity, rendering him defenseless against the stereo superkicks from the Bucks! Nick Jackson grabbed the pinfall on Rey Fenix!

The Score: 8 out of 10

  • The Good: This was dynamite (HA!). From the sound of the bell, both teams went for the jugular and delivered a fierce tag prize fight. Rey was on fire here. Oh s–t! Ahhhhhhhhh! Help! Rey is on fire! Help! Charlton Heston: It was a figure of speech you imbecile! Me: Oh. PAC was fantastic as well. He has that nimble agility that is so easy to watch. The Jacksons are on their 1000th heel turn. F–k yeah! Paul Wight! We’re comin’ for you n…nice man…nice big man…nice scary big man. If you like incredible feats of athleticism, then this match will offer that to you in spades.
  • The Bad: Nothing. Get you mind out of the gutter. Can’t a black man have a suit case?
  • The Verdict: This was one hell of a way to open the show. Whoo boy!

Match #2: Jade Cargill def. Red Velvet

The following is courtesy of allelitewrestling.com:

As Jade jumped over the ropes to enter the ring, Red Velvet brought the fight to her! Our match was underway as Red Velvet was laying in the rights and lefts! Jade answered with a big pump kick to Red Velvet! Jade picked up Red Velvet but Red Velvet escaped and countered with a spinning kick to her opponent’s face! Red Velvet lured in Jade Cargill, who was sent over the top rope to the arena floor. Red Velvet fired at Jade with a tope suicida! Jade Cargill turned it around and sent Red Velvet steamrolling into the steel barricade. Jade picked up Red Velvet and used a fallaway slam over the barricade onto the front row! Jade suplexed Red Velvet back into the ring. Jade kept the pressure on with boots to her opponent. Red Velvet avoided a running spear from Jade, which sent Jade shoulder-first into the steel post. Red Velvet dropped Jade Cargill with a running clothesline. She planted Jade with a facebuster! Jade kicked out of a pinning attempt after Red Velvet used a standing moonsault on her. Red Velvet took a huge chance with a moonsault off the top rope but Jade Cargill rolled out of the way! Cargill followed up with her Jaded finisher and scored the pin on Red Velvet!

The Score: 6 out of 10

  • The Good: Jade is getting better. Good for her. Red sold well for the dominant Jade, who looked like the Golden Child here. This was heavy and hard-hitting brutality from Jade, who often acted like a boxer in a wrestler’s ring to Red’s almost plucky stalwart.
  • The Bad: Red was basically fed to Jade in this glorified squash.
  • The Verdict: Not bad for a long squash.

Match #3: Anthony Ogogo def. Cole Carter

The following is courtesy of allelitewrestling.com:

Ogogo backed Carter into the corner turnbuckles after a collar and elbow tie-up. Ogogo blasted Carter with a sickening punch and ref Paul Turner called for the bell!

The Score: 1 out of 10

  • The Good: Ogogo can punch.
  • The Bad: This whole thing was just a punch.
  • The Verdict: Less than a minute and over with a punch. Okay.

Match #4: Chris Jericho def. Dax Harwood

The following is courtesy of allelitewrestling.com:

All other Inner Circle and Pinnacle members are barred from ringside. Ref Aubrey Edwards ejected Tully Blanchard before the match began. Jericho and Harwood slugged it out until Jericho dropped “the Ax” with a right shot! Jericho grabbed a steel chair on the outside but Tyson unarmed him. As Tyson pulled the chair out of Jericho’s hands, Dax Harwood hit Jericho with a cheap shot. Harwood grabbed Jericho’s baseball bat but Tyson pulled it away. Jericho and Harwood brawled on the outside. They returned to the ring and Dax got the upper hand with chops and a shoulder block on Jericho. Dax fish hooked Jericho. Aubrey Edwards pulled Dax away and Jericho used the opportunity to follow up with a lariat on Dax. Jericho body slammed Harwood on the arena floor. Jericho got thrown shoulder-first into the steel post by Harwood. Back in the ring, Jericho used a diving cross body press off the top rope for a near fall on Harwood! Jericho was shut down after a clothesline from Dax Harwood. They traded chops and Jericho hit a shoulder tackle on Harwood, and then a second tackle. Jericho followed up with a double ax handle off the top rope, and then a classic lionsault! Dax used a rebound powerbomb on Jericho for a two-count! Harwood tried for a diving headbutt but Jericho moved! Jericho applied the lion tamer in the dead center of the ring. Cash climbed up and connected with a cheap shot! Sammy ran over to even up the odds by taking down Cash! Harwood avoided a Judas Effect from Jericho and countered with a brainbuster! Jericho used a Code Breaker on Dax but he couldn’t follow up. MJF and The Pinnacle stormed onto the ramp but the Inner Circle followed them out and all hell broke loose! Cash Wheeler grabbed Jericho’s baseball bat but “Iron” Mike Tyson wouldn’t allow him to interfere in the match! Wheeler wound up the bat but before he could swing it, Tyson rocked Wheeler with a fist of fury! Jericho nailed Harwood with the Judas Effect and got the victory!

The Score: 7 out of 10

  • The Good: This felt like a fight. The idea was that this was a grudge match and it definitely appeared like one. Lots of chops and strikes were speckled upon the first half of this, while the second half of the match was a more concentrated wrestling contest. Jericho gave Dax a beating the likes of which has not been seen since the first red-headed step-child was beaten.
  • The Bad: This was a bit unkempt from time to time.
  • The Verdict: Jericho won and Dax showed more as a singles guy than ever before. I had fun with this.

Match #5: Kris Statlander def. Amber Nova

The following is courtesy of allelitewrestling.com:

Statlander backed Amber Nova up into the turnbuckles. She ducked a clothesline from Nova and brought her down with a deep arm drag. She booped Amber Nova on the nose! She blocked a kick from Amber Nova and then countered with a forearm, and then a scoop slam. Amber Nova shoved a Statlander but Statlander hoisted her up with a press slam. She followed up with a flipping senton! Statlander dropped Nova with a big roundhouse kick! Statlander picked up Amber Nova and finished her off with the Super Nova for the victory!

The Score: 5 out of 10

  • The Good: Kris and Amber smacked each other around like it was the order of the day.
  • The Bad: This match was far too short.
  • The Verdict: Kris did her weird alien thing and it didn’t ruin the match.

Match #6: (Main Event) Darby Allin def. Matt Hardy – Falls Count Anywhere Match For The TNT Title

The following is courtesy of allelitewrestling.com:

Matt brought a steel chair into the ring. He slammed the edge of the chair into Darby’s spine as Darby attempted the Coffin Drop early on. Hardy continued the assault onto Darby on the arena floor. He brought Darby back into the ring and walloped Darby with right hands. Hardy pressed the steel chair down into Darby’s abdomen. Darby got to his feet and rallied back with strikes of his own! Momentum shifted back to Hardy’s favor after a hanging neck breaker onto Darby! Hardy placed Darby’s head in between the chair and attempted the Twist of Fate but Darby countered, whacking Matt Hardy with the steel chair! The HFO came out to the ringside area. Butcher hurled a garbage can at an unsuspecting Darby Allin. Private Party took the boots to Darby Allin while Butcher and the Blade rearranged the steel ring steps on the outside! Dark Order sprinted to the aid of Darby Allin! Sting joined them out there! Sting punished Private Party with a garbage can and his baseball bat! He sent them over the top rope with a big double clothesline!

Matt Hardy battered Darby Allin with rights and lefts on the outside of the ring. Hardy rammed Darby’s spine into the retaining wall. Sting was neutralizing Private Party inside the ring when Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky ran out—but they were cut off at the pass by “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer. Archer hit the Black Out on Kassidy right in front of Sting! Sting motioned to Darby Allin and then tossed Darby the baseball bat! Darby tried to use the bat on Hardy but Hardy countered with a low blow! Hardy propped Darby’s head into the steel chair and dropped him with a Twist of Fate on the ramp! Hardy took Darby backstage and threw him face-first into a table and monitor. Hardy grabbed a ladder and came off of it with a leg drop onto Darby through a table! Matt Hardy tried to powerbomb Darby Allin off the stage but Allin escaped and used a low blow of his own on Hardy! Darby picked up the baseball bat and smacked Hardy for a homerun! Darby destroyed the monitors on the broadcast table with the baseball bat! Darby hit Hardy in the face with the baseball bat! Darby scaled the lighting rig at least twenty feet in the air and then crashed down onto Hardy with the Coffin Drop! Darby pinned Hardy after his death-defying leap!

The Score: 5 out of 10

  • The Good: The spots looked good. Darby is a gutsy f–ker. The things Darby did and endured were spectacular in some cases. Matt looked like a killer when he was on offense. Matt played the role of sadist very effectively. The brawling was abrupt and intense, which made the match feel like a vicious fight.
  • The Bad: This match had too much interference and a lack of logic in how big spots were sold by Darby. What should have been a visceral match instead felt like a rehearsed stunt-show that traded in its brain for too much brawn.
  • The Verdict: While there is some excellent fighting in here, the match itself dissolved into a hardcore fracas that lost sight of the title match it was supposed to be.

Final Verdict: 6/10

There’s a great match at the beginning of this show and some good wrestling at various points in the show, but this was a show of numerous promos, brawling when there should be wrestling and squash matches masquerading as compelling bouts. As usual, Dynamite was a mess, but a fun one at times. I’m conflicted about the opener, because I loved the spectacle, but it felt like it was just big stunts and bumps instead of a clever fight. Well, this was still a decent show overall, with a great match to start the show. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you next time.


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