08th Apr2021

Comic Concierge: Graphic Thoughts #2 (Perfect World, Maids, Summer Blonde)

by Dan Clark

Welcome Dan, aka Comic Concierge, back to Nerdly with his new YouTube channel dedicated to all things comics. From weekly new releases to graphic novels. Comics are for everyone but the key is finding the right one. Comic Concierge is here to help with that journey, with a range of videos discussing everything from weekly pick-ups, dollar-bin dives, comic book theory, analysis and more!

GRAPHIC THOUGHTS #2: Perfect World, Maids, Summer Blonde

This week’s edition of graphic thoughts is all about human connection…or lack thereof as we dive into Perfect World, Maids, and Summer Blonde.

Time Stamps:

01:36​ – Perfect World
06:28​ – Maids
11:31​ – Summer Blonde

Books Discussed:

  • Perfect World
    by Rie Aruga
    Published by Kodansha Comics
  • Maids
    by Katie Skelly
    Published by: Fantagraphics
  • Summer Blonde
    by Adrian Tomine
    Published by: Drawn and Quarterly

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