06th Apr2021

Comic Concierge: Comic Book “Starting Points” (Apr 5th 2021)

by Dan Clark

Welcome Dan, aka Comic Concierge, back to Nerdly with his new YouTube channel dedicated to all things comics. From weekly new releases to graphic novels. Comics are for everyone but the key is finding the right one. Comic Concierge is here to help with that journey, with a range of videos discussing everything from weekly pick-ups, dollar-bin dives, comic book theory, analysis and more!

STARTING POINTS: Comics out April 5th 2021

Each week Staring Points gives you exactly where to start reading comics by looking at notable new series, ongoing series Staring new arcs, and trades and graphic novels being released. This week’s books include a heavy dose of post-apocalyptic tales along with a number of magic animals. That plus so much more.

Time Stamps:

New #1’s:
00:36​ – Geiger #1
01:49​ – Project Patron
03:15​ – Silver Coin #1
04:57​ – The Next Batman: Second Son #1
06:44​ – Green Lantern #1
08:30​ – Magic the Gathering #1
10:14​ – Locust #1
11:38​ – The Rise #1

Ongoing Series Starting New Arcs:
13:30​ – Inkblot #7
15:10​ – Batman #107​
16:38​ -Immortal Hulk #45
18:07​ – Beasts Of Burden: Occupied Territory #1

Trades/Graphic Novels:
19:27​ – Inkblot Vol 1
20:18​ – Seven Secrets Vol 1
22:05​ – Unfinished Business
23:26​ – Dear Supervillains

24:53​ – Pick of the Week

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