25th Mar2021

Why Do People Love Playing Fruits Slots?

by James Smith

Are you addicted to playing fruits slots like “40 Super Hot?” We don’t blame you. Traditionally, fruit slots are the best performers and a staple of every online gaming platform. Fruit slots give you the feel of old-school gambling with a modern edge. Fruit slots like 40 Super Hot are the most popular slots in Europe, but why? Why do people love playing fruit slots? There are several reasons why gamblers enjoy playing fruit slots. Let’s unpack the reasons that make these titles so popular.

The Original Slot

The fruit slot is the original slot game provided on the “one-armed bandit” slot machines found across Las Vegas. The game’s popularity made it a big revenue earner for the casino, with most establishments placing it in the prime floor position. As a timeless classic, fruit slots never go out of favor with gamblers. We expect that when VR and AR experiences finally end up in online gaming, fruit slots will be the first game that offers the new experience.

Easy for Newcomers

Fruit slots are easy to understand. There are no complex features in these games, offering newcomers a clean and easy-to-manage gaming experience. It’s for this reason that fruit slots are so popular with players of all ages. Fruit slots are what most players think of when they imagine a slot game. These slots have a legacy of making fortunes for gamblers, and those feelings remain today. Many people think that fruit slots are the highest paying games in the casino, offering you the best returns. Most fruit slots come with low volatility. That means they payout consistently, helping you manage your bankroll. Games like 40 Super Hot from EGT pay out a return-to-payer (RTP) of 95.81%. That figure means that the game returns 95.81% of all player’s money in payouts. The result is you get a friendly, easy-to-manage slot experience, and you won’t feel like the game is sucking your account dry. You get options to win jackpots, and the line payouts are fantastic when you hit them.

Colorful Gameplay

Fruit slots are the most colorful games in the casino, with 40 Super Hot offering you bright red 7’s, gold stars, and colorful fruits like watermelons, oranges, lemons, cherries, and plums. When you’re spinning the reels, the bright colors meld together, intoxicating the mind with compelling visuals. When you hit the jackpot, most fruit games let you know by issuing attractive sounds and a smorgasbord of colorful graphics congratulating your achievement. Fruit slots give you an audio-visual experience that’s second to none.

Best RTPs

As mentioned, fruit slots come with exceptionally good RTPs. You get more of your money back, along with the chance to win some serious jackpots and bonus spins.

What’s the Best Fruit Slot? – 40 Super Hot from EGT

40 Super Hot is a fruit slot title from EGT. This game consists of 5 reels with 40 pay lines and the chance to win big. It’s the modern evolution of the fruit slot, with impressive graphics and sounds. 40 Super Hot consists of all the classic fruits, gold stars, and 7’s symbols you would find on the original fruit slots played on the one-arm bandit. However, the game comes with a modern visual twist. When you land on a pay line, the symbol burst into flames, providing a sizzling audio-visual experience for the player. 40 Super Hot is available from leading gaming platforms and no verification casinos. Most venues offer you free play, as well as options to play with real money.

What Makes 40 Super Hot the Best fruit Slot?

So, why do we recommend 40 Super Hot as the best fruit-themed slot? Take a look through these features, and you’ll understand why.

  • Fun Visuals and Design Theme – The design and graphics on 40 Super Hot are as close to the original fruit slots as you can get. However, the advancements in technology make the game look better than ever. You get a wood-style board backdrop and Royal-blue reels that make the fruit symbols pop on-screen.
  • Traditional Feel with a Modern Edge – With 40 Super Hot, you get the same look and feel as the original fruit slot, with a modern twist. We love the way the fruits burst into flames whenever you hit a pay line.
  • Big Wins and Jackpot – If you get lucky on 450 Super Hot, you could hit a pay line of 5 gold stars, netting you 20,000 credits. Landing five 7’s gets you a 10,000-credit payout.


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