24th Mar2021

How Marvel Fans Can Get Their Avengers Fix While Waiting For The Next Movie

by James Smith

The next Avengers movie isn’t going to be out for a few years at least, and most of us have no clue who will actually be in it. A couple of years have passed since the epic End Game conclusion to the first 10 years of Marvel Studios, and we’re all eagerly anticipating the next series of events. While the next Marvel film ‘Black Widow’ is due for release in July, many fans are looking for ways to get their Avengers fix until the next phase of movies is rolled out. Thankfully, there are so many things you can do to stay on top of all things Marvel!

Watch the TV series

There have been Marvel TV series in the past, but none of these really focused on any Avengers. Now, the introduction of new series on Disney Plus has changed this. WandaVision recently ended, so you can binge the whole 10 episodes right now to see how the Scarlet Witch responded to the traumatic events of Infinity War and End Game. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has also just started streaming, so that’s another series to whet your appetite for 6 weeks. After that, there’s a Loki series and a Hawkeye one also ready for release – plenty to keep you going until the Black Widow movie!

Start collecting comics

Of course, The Avengers started out as comic book heroes, and there are endless stories waiting for you to jump into. If you really want to get into the zone, start your own comic book collection. Get something like the bookcases shown here https://tylko.com/shelves/bookcase/, and make it your mission to fill the shelves with comics and graphic novels. Alternatively, there’s a digital service called Marvel Unlimited where you pay a monthly fee and can read endless digital comics from the Marvel collection. Diving into the comic world is such a great way of experiencing new storylines and enjoying The Avengers until new films come out.

Play the Marvel video games

The beauty of a franchise like Marvel is that it exists across so many media forms. Nowadays, there are countless video games that provide additional Avengers storylines for you to enjoy. The most recent addition to the video game lineup was Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is a phenomenal game that followed up from the original Spider-Man PS4 game a couple of years ago. There’s also an Avengers game for PC and consoles, which lets you play as your favourite heroes throughout a brand new storyline. Of course, you have mobile Marvel games as well, along with Ultimate Alliance on the Nintendo Switch. Put it this way, there’s more than enough video game content to satisfy your need for Marvel!

So, if you’re eagerly awaiting the next phase of Marvel films and keen to get your Avengers fix, these three ideas will be right up your street. An excellent plan is to move your way through each idea one at a time. Start by watching the TV series, move on to the video games after that, then read the comics. You can do this in any order, but it prolongs the Marvel experience until the new films come out!

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