23rd Mar2021

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race 13×11’ Review

by Rhys Payne

Last week episodes of Ru Paul’s Drag Race had a theme that ran through the mini, main and lip-sync song which made it must more congestive viewing-wise! We also saw the very controversial elimination of Denali whom many thought would win the competition.

If you remember, Denali was told to leave after Olivia made her over into her doppelgänger; where Denali had to lip-sync as Olivia against Olivia dressed as Denali which must have been a very surreal experience. However, if you have some spare time, Denali does incredible weekly ice skating performances to the lip-sync songs of each episode which are amazing to watch! On top last week were Symone and Utica, which I have mixed feelings about, but the rest of the season now has the added pressure of being the only season of Drag Race being released – so they need to bring all the entertainment! So onto this weeks episode…

This episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race started with the mini-challenge, where the queens were quizzed by the pit crew about previous queens and seasons of the show. I did find it a bit suspect that before the mini-challenge Kandy showed everyone she struggles with maths and then in the challenge there was a maths round which Kandy got correct. This did seem a bit fixed to me but did add a little excitement to the episode!

The main challenge had the queens design a soda brand, record a 45-second advert and create an original jingle for their brand. During this episode, the queens were zoomed into a masterclass with last season winner Jaida Essence Hall who gave them some hints and tips, specifically exaggerating the importance of simply having fun! Utica’s advert in this episode was one of the most chaotic things I have ever seen and like the judges, I struggle to understand what the purpose and intention behind this advert was! At one point Utica was drinking her pop out of a cow’s udders which is so on-brand for Utica but so wild to everyone else. My favourite performance in this challenge had to be Rosè who invented a wine-flavoured soda that battles hangovers, which was brilliant! She also managed to fit in a joke about the ruffle dresses she has often worn on the show, but this just shows how fantastic she is. She is a comedy queen, who is also an insanely talented performer, with a passion for wine which is just a piece of me!

The runway theme for Ru Paul’s Drag Race this week was titled “Beast!” which is a clear reference to the iconic Alyssa Edwards who competed in Drag Race season five. I’m going to start with a bit of a negative. What was Kandy’s outfit? I didn’t enjoy her alien-inspired look, which looked like a cheap inflatable outfit that you can get on Amazon. I loved Tina Burner’s furry knitted teddy look due to how campy and fun it was! However, the makeup this week was nowhere near the same level as the other queens which the judges did notice and talked about a lot. I loved Gotmik’s camp purple puppet creature look that had massive eyes that were fun. I could have done without the teeth that were placed around her hips as I felt that wasn’t really the look she was intending. Rosè looked stunning this week as a Red Devil with wonderful over-the-top shoulders which are fun.

Synmone and Rosè were announced as joint winners this week and at the bottom of this week were Tina and Utica; but I do think that Kandy should have been at the bottom as I didn’t understand the comedy on her advert and thought her outfit was not the best. Anyway, the song choice this week was “My Humps” which was perfect for the two camp queens to perform. I’m my opinion, Tina was much more entertaining but the judges disagree and decided to send Tina home!

Overall, this was an adequate episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, with only some of the adverts being memorable and the runway theme was okay. I think the fashion did not explore the theme as much as “Freak Out” in season 5 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars.

***½  3.5/5


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