22nd Mar2021

Social Media Marketing

by James Smith

The impact of social media in society today cuts across almost every sphere of life. Be it work, education, politics, business, or any other integral part of life, social media plays one role or the other. This is why you will find that the average time spent daily on social media by an adult, which used to be 142 minutes, has risen to up to 3 hours and is expected to increase even more in coming years.

Naturally, due to the huge presence of audiences on social media, businesses have developed strategies to use such platforms to market and create awareness about their products and services. This strategy is commonly called social media marketing.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is simply the use of social media platforms to connect with audiences to help build up a business’ brand and improve website traffic and sales. Nowadays, many businesses are using this strategy to reach their targeted audience and convince them to try out their brand.

Since social media is one of the surest ways of finding and attracting customers to their doors, it is not surprising that even online casino brands are now turning to social media marketing. Social media provides a platform for casinos like vulkan vegas to easily reach and get in touch with their potential customers, listen to their opinions, and address any issues. It also provides a platform for them to engage their followers and promote events and their gambling sites to them, using multiple contents like gifs, videos, etc.

Widely Used Platforms

There are many platforms that many brands and businesses use to engage in social media marketing. Some of the most popular and widely used include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and many more.

How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

  • Researching the target audience – The first step to having an effective strategy is to find out your brand’s audience in order to target their interests and requirements appropriately. Every business will have a particular demographic of people that mostly require their goods or services. For example, a diaper-making factory will have an audience of parents with babies as their targeted customers, and any kind of marketing strategy that doesn’t directly involve their target audience will be ineffective. When you consider your audience and targeted customers, you will be able to tailor your content to attract and engage the type of customers you want on your platform.
  • Identify the right platform for your business – Deciding which social media to share your content on is the second step. Although most of the platforms you will come across online have millions of different demographics of users visiting the platforms daily, some platforms are best for certain purposes. The type of business you run will determine the type of platform you will join. For example, in a business that will do well with visual marketing, you can choose to focus your social media efforts on platforms like Instagram.
  • Create fascinating contents – Due to the potential of attracting customers from the immense list of the billions of social media users, you will also have competitors striving for attention as well. This is why you need to create unique and engaging contents that will stand out and convince viewers to follow you and interact with your brand.
  • Create a content schedule – Another important step towards social media marketing is having a content schedule or content calendar. A content calendar helps you to create a schedule for sharing your posts in advance. They automatically share and monitor all content post interactions on schedule. To achieve this, many businesses engage the use of management solutions like Hubspot, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite.
  • Monitor everything – The most important aspect of the social media marketing strategy is achieving results. To measure this, you will need to keep track of all your on-platform analytics to determine which type of content users engage with. Most importantly, keep track of your page and engage your followers through comments and reviews. This will help you to build a relationship with your customers, which is essentially what social media marketing is all about.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There are many reasons why you should consider using social media marketing for your business. Listed below are some of the beneficial reasons why most businesses consider it.

Increased Brand Awareness by Reaching Large Audiences

The only way your brand can become widely known is by putting yourself out there. Since there are millions of people visiting social media platforms every day, it becomes a good opportunity for businesses to reach out to a large pool of people. By creating a public social media page for your business, you can attract many viewers, thereby boosting brand awareness.

More Inbound Traffic

Without social media marketing, the inbound traffic to your site can be limited to your loyal and regular customers. This is because it may prove difficult for you to reach anyone outside your loyal customer circle. Every content you post on your social media account is a pathway to your brand’s website and an opportunity to gain a customer.

Foster Relationship with Customer

One important factor that many business owners fail to understand is the importance of having a relationship with their customer base. Having a solid and understanding relationship with your customer base can only benefit your business. By connecting and engaging with your followers on social media, you will be able to build a solid and lasting relationship between them and your brand. Engaging your followers will give you an insight into what they feel, need, and require.


Social media marketing is probably the most cost-effective marketing strategy available to business brands online. For almost all the social media platforms you will find online, signing up and creating an account is free. Furthermore, the cost for most advertisements and promotions is quite low compared to other marketing strategies. The fact that it is cost-effective makes it a great advantage since businesses can still receive a greater return on investment.

Social media marketing not only provides access to a vast and diverse audience, but it is also free and readily accessible. Additionally, taking part in social media marketing has more advantages and benefits to offer your brand.

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