19th Mar2021

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK 2×10’ Review

by Rhys Payne

We have made it to the finale episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK second season and what a season it has been! For the audience, this season of Drag Race has only been on the television for 10 weeks but for the queens on the show the competition lasted just under a year with a seven-month break where the world stood still, we saw Joe Black (the international cabaret sensation and fan favourite) get eliminated in the first episode; we saw Ginny walk out of the competition marking her self-elimination; we saw the birth of ‘Bing Bang Bong’ that did insanely well in the iTunes chart; and we saw a new lip-sync assassin. It has been one of the most unique seasons of any television shows which all the queens should feel proud of due to everything else around them falling apart. But now onto the actual episode…

It was revealed very early in the episode that this would be a musical challenge, which I think at this point everyone expects. I love the musical challenges in Drag Race but this song fell into the same issue that “To The Moon” from season 1 encountered. The queens have to write and perform an original verse to Ru Paul’s song “A Little Bit of Love” which is technically the third musical challenge in this season, after ‘Rats’ and ‘UK Hun’, with the latter doing so well that it is next to impossible to top it. Everyone remembers ‘Break Up Bye Bye’ from the last season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK but very few will remember the finale song and so I was afraid that this would happen again. On top of this, Lawrence Chaney has famously not done too well in the other performance challenges and so I was also afraid she would not live up to the standard of the rest of the queens… but I was wrong! She was not the best dancer but what she had managed to do was perform a verse that was so perfectly her and delivered all the campiness that anyone could ever want! Bimini performed her verse with a plethora of flips and tricks, which were incredible to watch, she truly is London’s bendiest b*tch! Halfway through this song, we saw the surprise return of all the eliminated queens which included Veronica Green (who seems to be doing a lot better) and Ginny Lemon. I do have to say that on the TV show, I do not think the song was mixed very well because it was very difficult to hear the queens – with the chorus cutting off some of the queen’s verses! The queen’s lyrics did not seem to fit with the instrumental, which did make this song difficult to listen to… However, I have listened to it on Spotify and this seems to have been fixed for this recording. It is also worth noting that a fraction of the profits raised from this song will be going to Comic Relief! Not only did the queens have to perform a musical verse but they also had to complete a podcast interview with Michelle and Ru (which did look very different due to social distancing). This segment was not as emotional as I remarked in previous seasons but did let us see another side of the queens which was great!

I was absolutely in love with Tayce’s green creature/dragon biker jacket and leather trousers combo that she wore for her boy presenting sections of the show. I enjoyed this outfit and if I ever find it online it’s going straight into my basket! Going into this challenge Ellie Diamond had had no badges, whereas Bimini has four which much have been very intimidating for Ellie. So it was important for the queens to deliver a stunning runway to help them clutch the crown which they all did! Bimini looked stunning in her more sensual interpretation of a bridal outfit, with wacky and messy hair that just made her look so editorial/fashion-forward it was unreal! Lawrence wore a purple drag racer outfit that had black and white flags as the trim on the outfit (in a reference to Drag Race) she also wore two of her Ru Peter badges as earrings which were great! The returning queens were also allowed to walk the runway one final time (that’s if Veronica does not return next season). Ginny Lemon remains to be an icon with her fish shoes and wore a classic Ginny outfit, which will always make me laugh. Joe Black looked incredible in a bright red bodysuit, that was complete with a boat balanced on her head… which was such a spectacle! I have realised that everything Joe does is always a theatrical production (let’s not forget that windswept seaside outfit earlier in the season) and I am still waiting for my press ticket for their upcoming tour! Cherry Valentine wore a somewhat similar outfit that had a sequin hood and brilliant shoulders. This outfit was incredible but she also deserves endless praise for working as a nurse during the pandemic!

All the top four queens were given a broach (to go with their badges) which is what it is I suppose. It was announced that Ellie Diamond came on fourth this season and like Ru said if she is this good at just 21 imagine how incredible she will be in a few years. I want to see her return in an All-Stars episode when the time is right, as she will be a force to be reckoned with! This means that the top three (Tayce, Bimini and Lawerence) were left to lip-sync for the crown to the song “I’m Still Standing” which is pretty apt for this season if you ask me! Going into this lip-sync obviously, Tayce is known for being the new lip-sync assassin but (spoiler alert) it was Lawrence who performed the best and so was gifted the titles of the next Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK drag superstar! Congrats Lawrence!

Overall, this was an exciting finale episode that brought an end to one of the most unique seasons in drag race her-story. The musical challenge was a little bit disappointing (due to ‘Bing Bang Bong’ being such a success and the mixing issues) but it was nice to see all the queens come back together!

***½  3.5/5


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