19th Mar2021

‘Necropath’ Review

by Chris Thomas

Stars: Moe Isaac, Nathan Faudree,Cassandra Hayes, Lillian Colvin, Natalie Colvin, Shain Hence | Written and Directed by Joshua Reale

Are you religious? Why yes, I follow the Necropath.

Necropath is three short films in one, as a grindhouse-style triple-header of stories all set in the same zombie outbreak. Made on a shoestring budget, and with a very lo-fi, student feel to it.

Our first tale kicks off with some of that classic B movie acting where you get the sense the actors have never experienced a real human interaction before. Even though this particular action is sexual in nature. Our unexpected, unappealing, car bound, oral sex is rudely interrupted by some neck slashing from a creepy looking Gollum type. Gollum proceeds to act very intensely, before taking vast quantities of an unspecified drug via injection. He then runs about again forcing a lady to say “get away from me, I have my baby” in the manner one might address a stranger who has accidentally taken your umbrella from the stand in error.

Before we know what is happening, Gollum McCrackhead is getting bitten by a zombie, allowing our concerned mother to drive off unimpeded. It starts off as one horror film (manic on the loose), then becomes another (zombies). And we have two more horror films to go. Actually, we don’t really have three stories here, it is just that the film doesn’t have enough content or competence to follow the simple act mechanics of a conventional feature film.

What strikes me, beyond it being cheesier than an explosion in a Cathedral City warehouse is quite how unlikable everyone seems to be. The production is flat and uninteresting. If you are bored by a psycho killer, running around in the zombie apocalypse, something has gone wrong. The most interesting aspect is the first few seconds, where we half see the killer, through the car window but as soon as we see him in the light, the trick is used up.

It is quite amusing how our drugged up psycho continues to yell “munnny” at people, and then eventually zombies in an attempt to rob people, blissfully unaware that things are a bit more fluid than they were before zombies were a thing. There is some skill here, in the sound design, the frequent use of darkness and red bulbs is a clear attempt to cover up a multitude of sins, but it does give the film a distinct quality. Having said that, once the 41 minutes of “the first story” are up I was left wondering what the point of it was. Fast forward another hour and I was left wondering what the point of any of it was.

As a piece of work, the tale of Gollum McCrackhead is not completely without merit, but it is not something I can recommend over literally dozens, or hundreds of alternatives. If you haven’t seen Rec then see that. If you prefer things a little cheesier, but still quite nasty than the Italian – German Demons might also serve you well.

Tale number two starts, as the unspecified town is being evacuated. A horrible businessman is shouting as his partner and daughter. Despite the zombie cannibals and the criminals, the mum decides to run away from her awful husband. A quite bizarre decision that leads to predictable disaster for the family. Gollum McCrackhead makes his return, gurning and sneering and stabbing his way through another red lit interlude. There is some attempt to make Gollum McCrackhead into a Joker type figure, there are some thinly vailed parallels and some clumsy nods to money but it is not leading anywhere and it falls flat.

Really, this isn’t three tales stitched together, it is just there is no clear arc or story to tell, so pretending this is three tales in one is trying to prop the arc of the film up with imaginary tent posts.

There does not seem to be any point to any of these “stories” or particularly, any plot. It is the same sounds, stabs and screams on repeat. This is what it must feel like to get stuck on a broken-down horror themed spook ride. We are not going anywhere, but the spooky stuff keeps happening, on repeat.

I am not even sure why the film is called Necropath

Neccropath is out now on demand and digital, in the US, from Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight.


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