19th Mar2021

‘Marriage Or Mortgage’ Review (Netflix)

by Rhys Payne

Now let me start this weeks review by painting you a picture… Imagine you and your partner have saved up around $30,000 but you have to decide whenever to have the wedding of your dreams OR the house of your dreams (I know which I would choose but that’s beside the point). I know many couples go through the conflicting decision of having a killer wedding event or using the money to invest in a house; which is the problem that the new Netflix original series Marriage Or Mortgage aims to combat!

Marriage Or Mortgage has couples go and speak to wedding planner Sarah Miller and Rreal estate Agent Nicole Holmes in an aim to show the couples where their money could be used – on a marriage or mortgage and then the couple must decide which they want. These two experts in their respective fields compete with each other for the couples support (just like long-running home improvement show Love It Or List It) and then at the end, it is revealed which they choose!

Each episode starts with the couples sitting down and chatting to Sarah and Nicole, where they talk about there dream wedding and dream home. From here Sarah will then take them to possible venues, catering options, photographers (all of which I love as they promote the businesses which can only have a positive effect) but Nicole takes them to dream homes and gives them tours to show all the features they would enjoy. As these two experts are competing for the couple’s support they often will use everything in their power to win over the couples. The show does explore the tricks and tips of the trade too. Such is the case with Nicole especially – who would do things such as setting areas of the house that were suited to the couples, showcasing deceased fathers recipes in kitchens or putting children’s names on nursery rooms etc. It shows how you can influence people into investing but I did think they was a point where a line was crossed and it no longer became light-hearted persuasion but instead almost manipulation.

Episode-wise I did find the decision making in the first episode to be very awkward for some reason which was a little difficult to watch. Also, after choosing marriage it was revealed that due to the current global situation the couple was not able to have a complete marriage which I did find somewhat disappointing. I thought the creative team could have edited or delayed the episode so that the couple were able to have the wedding promised but alas! Talking about decisions being changed, in one of the final episodes the couples choose marriage after making an offer on a house but once there offer was accepted they went back to being “team house”. This again seemed quite redundant and could have been edited out of the episode. However, my favourite episode had to be the one with the lesbian couple who just radiated a loving energy wherever they went. It was discussed how one of the women is a pastor in an LGBT+ friendly church, which I thought was incredible as churches are often slated for not being the most open and accepting, so to see a church that accepts everyone was amazing! It was also revealed that this woman conducted the wedding of her current partner to her ex which was just drama!

Overall, Marriage Or Mortgage is a show that will be relatable to many people who are at this point in their lives and need to decide whenever to invest in a house or a massive wedding. The episodes are only 40 minutes long and flip back and forth from house-hunting to wedding shopping which helped to amp up the drama! I did think some of the persuasive techniques were a bit suspect though…

*** 3/5

Marriage Or Mortgage is available to watch on Netflix now.


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