05th Mar2021

‘Ultimate Zombie Feast’ VOD Review (Amazon Prime)

by Paul Metcalf

Independence in movie making is a good thing, especially when it comes to horror.  It allows creativity to thrive and gives the audience something new, especially when they get to see it.  This is the problem of course; it’s often hard to find distribution outside of the festival circuit.  This is why a lot find a home online where they can be aimed at the fans.  Ultimate Zombie Feast puts together a collection of independent zombie films with the intention of providing exposure to fans that are thirsty for some gore, and want to see just what is available to the Zombie fan.  What this is though is both a gift and a curse.

Ultimate Zombie Feast offers a taste of the independent zombie film from all over the world, from India to America, the United Kingdom to Australia and looks to give a fairly mixed variety of styles to fully expose the watchers to people wishing to make zombie films.  The problem is though there is no consistency in the quality.  Ranging from the truly abysmal to the quite good for me it worked against the films as a group because as the viewer my interest was tested by a few really bad attempts, only to come to one that is fairly well made, but by then your view has already been tainted and it’s hard for your full attention to be pulled back.

Two of the films do stand out, that being Zomblies and The Book of  Zombie.  In Zomblies a group of six army type “rangers” are sent into a walled-off Cornwall where zombies have been held to find samples of the infection so that they can be tested upon.  There are plenty of guns, plenty of action and for the most part the acting is good enough to keep you interested, it’s not the best independent film I’ve seen but it’s far from the worst.  The same goes with The Book of Zombie which is a tale of Mormon zombies who can only be defeated by caffeinated drinks; this one had potential and was again a high point in the “Feast” itself, though one of the shorter films Dead Hungry is an interesting little tale from the viewpoint of the zombies and will bring a smile for people who have a liking for the darker side of humour.

The real problem though is few manage to stand out among some really dire selections.  I don’t like pointing out the weaknesses in these type of films (independent films with low budgets) but it is a fact that some attempts should be kept private, or for close friends. Savages for example which is an attempt from India has bad production values and the story comes across as poor.  It’s questionable if the translation of the script to subtitles is something that weakens it, but the story itself is too formulaic and gives nothing new to the genre.  Savages is not the only one that falls into this trap though as there are only so many times you can watch the same story of zombie outbreaks and having to survive by hiding in rooms in buildings, houses in the countryside or just getting an axe and attacking the dead etc.  Just because it’s a film about zombies does not mean that we have to sit through the same old story again and again.

Ultimate Zombie Feast is a good idea that just could not be implemented well.  The attempt was to show a mixture of independently made zombie films that are made to be seen by a wider audience.  What we actually get are films that should maybe have been left on the shelf as a promising start in a career, but something to look back to in the future to say “look how far we’ve come”.  There is potential in the films, but it’s not potential that makes a good collection.  It may be something you’ll watch once but you won’t find yourself coming back to it anytime soon.

Ultimate Zombie Feast is availabe to stream now on Amazon Prime Video.


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