02nd Mar2021

‘Batwoman 2×06: Do Not Resuscitate’ Review

by Jason Brigger

Stars: Javicia Leslie, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson, Dougray Scott | Created by Caroline Dries

Before Batwoman takes a hiatus from new episodes next week, the series starts to move to having all their characters converge on one task: Coriana. This week’s episode, while not as fun as the last few episodes, still maintains it’s goal of moving the storyline forward and setting up the rest of the season. Let’s get to it.

What Happened This Week?

Sophie and Ryan’s Uneasy Alliance

Ryan, while doing her civic duty as Batwoman of stopping bank robbers, suffers an attack as a result of her Kryptonite bullet infection. After weeks of suffering from a green, oozing infection, Ryan is transported by Angelique to the local hospital to get the infection looked at properly. After Ryan lies about how she got the infection, a spider bite at her work’s stockroom, the doctor prescribes some anti-biotics (again!) and thanks to Angelique’s insistence of paying for it, blood work is taken from Ryan. I guess being a drug dealer for the rich and famous has it’s perks.

Sophie meets with Ryan to advise her that she is on Angelique’s trail as she may have information on Ocean, the supplier for Snakebite. Ryan takes offense to Sophie investigating “small-time” drug dealer Angelique just because she may know the location of Ocean. In an attempt to save her girlfriend, Ryan makes a deal: She promises to assist Sophie in gaining more information on Ocean but once she does, Ryan’s file with the Crows “disappears”. I understand Ryan protecting her girlfriend but at the same time, she is a drug dealer! She’s not completely innocent so Ryan really doesn’t have any reason to be mad at Sophie, as she is just doing her job.

Upon Angelique’s return to the apartment, Ryan offers her a job as security at the Hold-up, the bar Ryan is now a bartender at. Angelique appreciates the offer but tells Ryan that she lied…she never wanted out of her life as a drug dealer to Gotham’s elite as she loves the power, respect, and the prestige it brings. While in the middle of arguing what is best for Angelique’s future, Ryan fakes another infection attack, resulting in Angelique running to get her medicine. This allows for enough time for Ryan to hack Angelique’s phone for Sophie.

Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, Angelique realizes her phone is bugged and despite Ryan’s pleas, Angelique quickly deduces that Ryan is the snitch who set her up. The episode ends with Angelique leaving Ryan a crying mess and walking out of her life…again.

Alice and Ocean’s Tumultuous Past

Alice does her best to convince Ocean to team up and take down the one person that wiped their minds, Safiyah, but the appeal of taking down a warlord does not intrigue Ocean. It seems Ocean rather go back to his day job, a botanist who happens to grow psychedelic mushrooms as an ingredient for the drug Snakebite, but Alice won’t let him off the hook that easily. She explains that since Ocean used to train Safiyah’s army and, it seems anyway, that Alice and Ocean both attempted to steal a Desert Rose from the island in their former lives, the assassination attempts won’t stop until they take Safiyah down.

Alice spends most of the episode convincing Ocean to join but as always, things don’t go as planned. Safiyah calls Alice and tells her that while Alice and Ocean used to be in a relationship, she did them a favor by wiping their minds of it. Otherwise, it would be more devasting for Alice to kill Ocean. It’s a nice twist as we don’t know if Safiyah did it to make it easier on Alice or did it to torture her more.

Alice returns from her phone call from Safiyah, with a knife in hand. Her and Ocean get into a fight and just when Alice is about to stab him, they both receive a flashback to when they were on the beach together and in love. The moment is interrupted by Sophie pointing a rifle at our villains, and asking for the original Napier painting. I guess hacking Angelique’s phone paid off. Ocean, showing he’s not completely bad, hands over the painting, revealing a map of Coriana to Sophie.

After Sophie leaves, Alice calls Safiyah revealing she has Ocean’s body and will bring it to the island. Upon hanging up the phone, Ocean enters the abandoned subway car and calls her “cold-blooded” before kissing her. Looks like Alice and Ocean are destined for each other.

Father/Daughter Time

Doctors, led by Dr. Rogers (Milo Shandel), at Hamilton Pharmaceuticals are attempting to unlock the secret to the Desert Rose formula used in the bat attack a few weeks ago. To the shock of no one, Hamilton Pharmaceuticals wants the Rose to cure the majority of the world’s diseases and make a nice profit. Dr. Rogers reviewed the case of an 80-year-old victim of the bat attack a few week ago, who was given the Desert Rose formula and as a result, his cancer was eradicated. Unfortunately, no one can replicate the result. Dr. Rogers enlists one of his patients, Aaron Hellzinger (RJ Fetherstonhauh), to find the doctor that originally provided the doses to the victims of the bat attacks, Mary Hamilton.

Jacob, while driving Mary back from a court proceeding regarding Kate’s apparent death, receives a call from Sophie explaining the Napier painting in their custody is a fake and the original is still out there. Before Jacob can explain the importance of the painting to Mary, their car is t-boned by a large truck at an intersection.

Mary and Jacob wake up, looking quite well after being in a violent car accident, at Mary’s underground clinic, which is now being staffed by rage-a-holic Hellzinger. Mary is pressed by Hellzinger for information on the Desert Rose and the chances she can replicate the medicine. Mary opens up completely, first by admitting to her father that she runs an underground clinic, and then explaining where she got the medicine from and the disappointment that it can’t be replicated.

Hellzinger is not the sharpest tool in the shed and refuses to believe Mary, forcing her to reveal more information or he’ll kill her father. Hellzinger explains that he has cancer and must find a cure for it, so Mary has no choice but replicate the formula. Mary states if he truly wants the cure, he must go to the island of Coriana where he could have as much of the cure as he wants. It’s all a ploy though as Hellzinger allows Mary to call Luke in order to bring the map of Coriana to her clinic. She even puts a subtle hint in there, “Bat out of Hell”, to let Luke know she is in danger.

Ryan and Luke pick up on the clues from Mary but unfortunately Ryan can’t swoop in right away as Batwoman as she has another infection attack and collapses. Luke is upset Ryan has been hiding the infection, but she explains she only hid it because she didn’t want to disappoint Luke and give him another reason to take the Batsuit away from her. Nice job Luke.

Hellzinger grows more impatient and begins to take his frustration out on Jacob. Sophie, doing her best impression of the Flash, arrives quickly from the abandoned subway location to the clinic in a matter of minutes, attempting to save the day. Hellzinger not only has anger issues but has super-strength and is able to take down most of our heroes…until Batwoman arrives and saves the day.

Just as Batwoman knocks out Hellzinger, mysterious men in Bane-like masks arrive and threaten to shoot Sophie unless Batwoman gives up the map to Coriana. Batwoman makes the choice to save Sophie’s life and now a new group of mysterious people have the map!

Episode Grade: C+ (Above Average)

This week’s episode of Batwoman was more about bringing the majority of the characters together to focus on one goal: Get to Coriana. For Alice and Ocean, it’s about revenge as they have finally accepted their destiny and realize they must travel to Coriana to deal with Safiyah, once and for all. For Ryan, it’s about health as she must get to Coriana to get the Desert Rose and save herself from the Kryptonite infection. Finally, for Jacob and Sophie, it’s about getting to Coriana and seeking revenge on whoever did this to Kate.

While the episode was solid, it wasn’t as good as the last few episodes and that’s fine as we needed to get to a point where our heroes (and villains) can focus on one main goal instead of having too many side tasks that bog down the main objective. Overall, it was an above average episode and one that will give some direction to the second half of the season.

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