01st Mar2021

The Filmmakers Podcast #207: ‘To Olivia’ director & writer John Hay

by Phil Wheat

Here’s the latest episode of the The Filmmakers Podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check out previous episodes on the official podcast site, whilst we’ll be featuring each and every new episode as it premieres.

For those unfamiliar with the series, The Filmmakers Podcast is a podcast about how to make films from micro budget indie films to bigger budget studio films and everything in-between. Our hosts Giles Alderson, Dan Richardson, Andrew Rodger and Cristian James talk how to get films made, how to actually make them and how to try not to f… it up in their very humble opinion. Guests will come on and chat about their film making experiences from directors, writers, producers, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers and distributors.


The Filmmakers Podcast #207: How to make a Sky Original Feature with ‘To Olivia’ Director & Writer John Hay and Producer Donall McCusker

Giles Alderson sits down with Director and screenwriter John Hay & producer Donall McCusker to discuss their latest film ‘To Olivia’, now on Sky, which is the story of the tumultuous marriage between actress Patricia Neal and renowned writer Roald Dahl. It stars the fantastic Keeley Hawes and Hugh Bonneville and is a beautiful, heart warming , well made and brilliantly directed film. Donall McCusker has produced films such as ‘Falling for Figaro’. ‘Division 9’, ‘Kajaki’, 6 Days’ and the ‘Hurtlocker’. John Hay is the director and screenplay writer of ‘To Olivia’ but he’s also directed ‘There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble’, ‘Lost Christmas’, and some amazing TV work including ‘Stig of the Dump’, which was BAFTA awarded. They sit down with us to discuss how they made their latest feature To Olivia and what directing and producing tips could help benefit you.

We also chat about what makes a good line producer and how to close finance. Plus we learnt why you might want to film on widescreen format and what it’s like working with child actors and how you have to treat it in an entirely different way. We also dive deeper into why they decided to make this story on the legendary ‘Roald Dahl’ and how they got the finance to make the movie. They also talk about losing cast and how they deal with with replacing actors at the last minute, during pre-production. We also get a little insight of their experience with working with Al Pacino, Katheryn Bigelow and Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz so make sure you listen closely as you really don’t want to miss anything on this weeks podcast.

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