19th Feb2021

‘We Are The Champions’ Review (Netflix)

by Rhys Payne

A while ago I reviewed a show called Home Game, which shined a light on the many local sports which people not of that country would not be aware of. This series, We Are The Champions, is somewhat similar – although it is not focused on hyperlocal sports but instead international events that people may not be aware of. I appreciate any show that helps to showcase a sport, business, career etc., as it can only draw more fans and bigger audience which is fantastic. Shows like this are so important as it allows more people to follow these sports and, in turn, bring in more revenue to benefit the sport in question. Subjectively, there need to be more shows that promote unknown subjects and so my review will be the method in which this show, in particular, does this.

The opening moments of the opening episode were fantastic. I enjoyed the over-dramatised introductions which conflicted with jovial nature of the sports themselves. Something which was never more apparent than in the first episode where the voice-over talked about agility, speed and grace as well as respecting legacies/heritage for the sport of cheese rolling. This was hilariously funny and this format was used at the beginning of every episode… Every episode also featured the same line “We Are The Champions” and I don’t know why, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of shows which say the name of the programme within the programme itself (like in We’re The Millers when they state “we are the Millers”) which alongside the same opening format helped the created a structure that’s easy to follow for the audience. However, I did not enjoy the fact that the episode has constant titled screens and subtitles describing what section of the event the programme is discussing such as judging, rules, location etc. After a while, I found these titles distracting from the show and created a very strange pace to the episode.

We Are The Champions follows organisers and participants of a relatively unknown sport as they prepare for the big competition, which starts with a general introduction to the event itself. I enjoyed the episode that focused on “extreme hairstyling” which followed three experts as they prepare themselves for the incredible Bronner Brothers competition which was so wonderfully camp and over-the-top that I loved it! I would love to be in the audience for this competition as I believe it would be a unique experience. I never realised how big a sport that profession yo-yo-ing was and never thought about the sense of showmanship that comes with competing in such competitions. This is such an exciting sport that pulled you into the tension of competition, in fact, even my mother even wanted to follow the episode and see who wins the tournament… and she never enjoys these types of shows! This was also the episode that gave one of the most profound life mottos that I have ever heard, which I did not expect from this type of show. Towards the end the voice over discussed how “people constantly strive for first place but we need to find our place” which I thought was incredible and true!

Overall, We Are The Champions was a light series with short episodes that are perfect for binge-watching. It shines a light on new events/sports which can only benefit the respective industries and makes for an exciting watch. The show had thought about structure and format but this strict structure became somewhat tiresome after a while.

*** 3/5

We Are The Champions is on Netflix now.


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