19th Feb2021

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK 2×06’ Review

by Rhys Payne

Last weeks episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK will go down as one of the most memorable in episodes of Drag Race her-story! It started with all the queens been sent home and forced to quarantine for 7 months which was crazy; we had the return and second elimination of the international cabaret sensation Joe Black; and saw the premiere of one of the most annoyingly catchy songs to ever come for drag race. “U K Hun” by the United Kingdolls has been on loop for me since last week and made it to the #1 downloaded song on iTunes! We technically saw two eliminations last week as Veronica Green tested positive for the virus and so was unable to return to filming but was offered a free pass to next years competition. I recently discovered a video of Veronica Green singing on the BBC singing show “All Together Now” (with Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK alum Divina DeCampo as one of the judges to impress, available at https://youtu.be/WV4GUjuPVps); she is an incredibly talented singer/performer and I don’t think we got to see the true extent of her talents in this series, so I hope she gets the opportunity to showcase this – if she chooses to return in the future! We also had one of the most memorable moments in Drag Race her-story as moma Ru lost her cool with Joe Black’s H&M challenge outfit, which seems to be all I have seen talked about on social media since last week. I am excited that this new episode has given the fans something new to talk about, as I am honestly fed up with the arguments about this dress online!

It was revealed last week that this weeks episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK would be the snatch game. For those who are not familiar with this challenge, this is where the queens bust out their best celebrity impression and try to match answers with the contestants (similar to The Match Game) with the guest contestant being the iconic Gemma Collins, who was impersonated in the previous season by Cheryl Hole (who is currently on the MTV season of Celebs on the Farm). Talking about the MTV show, A’whora decided to perform as Louie Spence (who appeared on the first season of Celebs on the Farm) which started great but quickly flatlined. The voice was amazing but I found that doing male characters in this challenge is very controversial and it is either incredible or bad. As soon as this was announced I thought that this is where we will see Lawerence Chaney’s quick-wit and comedic abilities. On top of this, she has won three challenges in a row and is currently dominating the conception. She revealed that she would be playing Miriam Margolyes, who is famous for her role in Harry Potter. However, Lawerence struggled with making this character engaging and funny which I was disappointed with.

Someone who I was not disappointed with, in fact, I was shockingly impressed by, was Ellie Diamond who took on the role of Vicky Pollard from the comedy series Little Britain. Ellie nailed the costume and did a fantastic impression that had me laughing throughout. I didn’t use to think of Ellie as a ‘comedic’ queen but she smashed this performance, which I was amazed to see! Bimini Bon-Boulash has quickly become a fan favourite and this week she also impressed everyone with a hilarious impression of Katie Price. This was an incredibly funny and entertaining performance which Ru enjoyed which is the main purpose of this challenge! The snatch game was an opportunity for the show to bring back two iconic performances from Season 1 to deliver a video question. Baga Chips and the Vivienne returned virtually to do their impressions of Margret Thatcher and Donald Trump (respectively) which was a nice nod to Season 1 which I enjoyed.

The runway theme this week was prehistoric drag, where the queens imagine what drag would have looked like millions of years ago. A’whora looked incredible in her skeleton/cavewoman look which was complete with a bone corset. She is a queen who loves fashion and always looks stunning on the runway. This week Tayce gave us theatrics with her voodoo princess/cavewoman outfit that was influenced by traditional Africa attire. She ran, leapt and posed on the runway and tried very hard to sell the outfit – which was very different from the fierce, focussed runways she usually does. I enjoyed Tia Kofi’s look this week as it was inspired by an actual dinosaur. She showed off a pterodactyl inspired outfit which was so wonderfully camp but the dinosaur head she wore as a hat looked very simple, one which you could get in most joke stores. Bimini is a very detailed-orientated queen who thinks creatively and carefully about the looks she constructs. She walked the runway this week as a bacteria, which was very different from what the other queens wore this week. The judges did not seem to fully understand this outfit but still praised her for how beautiful she looked in it.

Bimini is the winner of this weeks challenge, which I think is going to be the point that people start noticing how talented she is. On the bottom, this week, however, was Tia Kofi and the Ru’s favourite Lawerence Chaney. This marks Tia’s third lip-sync which is never a good sign! Lawerence slightly outperformed Tia and so Tia goes home but I would like to see a Tia Kofi show as I believe her camp comedy and outfits are something that I would enjoy! Next weeks challenge is a ball challenge where the queens have to make outfits out of household items to reflect the lockdown situation. The trailer teased the audience by telling us that something goes wrong with Tayce next week – so much so that she requires assistance from the medical team… So we have to tune in next week to see what happens with all that!

Overall, this was a fun episode  of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UKwhich showed us a different side to Ellie and Bimini, with them excelling in this improvised comedy challenge. The runway was nice but many costumes seemed similar to one another (apart from Bimini) and so lacked excitement and freshness. This was also an episode that followed the most iconic episode in Drag Race UK her-story with one of the best songs ever created and so suffered from how great the previous episode was!

***½  3.5/5


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