17th Feb2021

WWE Raw – Feb 15th 2021: Results & Review

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Monday Night Raw review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and I’m here supervising the remastering of my classic 90s sitcom… Step-B–ch!

From the creators of Alopecia Pete, Here’s Your Damn Ham and Tranny Station, comes the home video collection of one of television’s most innovative programs, Step-B–ch! Starring LL Cool J as James “The Iguana” Slamma, Lucy Liu as Molly Puntang, Maggie Chung as Gloria Puntang-Slamma and Katt Williams as Willie “DAMN!” Looby. Bringing interracial relations to the forefront of popular culture, the marriage of James and Gloria and their family with live-at home college student Molly made for some of the raciest, edgiest and sexiest moments on network TV. If you ever wanted to see what it was like if two Asian women and a black guy went all Alabama on each other for twenty two minutes a week every fall through spring, then you can’t miss this chance to bring home all the fun! Don’t miss your chance to relive such great episodes as “Asian Eyes” James: Wiz dat, Mr. Principal? I don’t look like my step-daughter dat I f— the s— out if urvray day? (Tapes eyes half shut) How ’bout now?! Narrator: …or what about the ever timely “Home Late”? Gloria: Where were you? James: Cops beat the s— out of me for goin’ 10 miles above the speed limit…and for bein’ black. Narrator: …and don’t forget that monumental TV moment from “My Bi Black Step-Dad” Molly: Dad! What are you doing? James: I’m having sex with all these black men! Narrator: …with guest stars Ice Cube, Ice-T, Flavor Flav and Run-DMC! James: Now come over here and get gay with your step-dad and his black-ass friends! Willie: DAMN! Narrator: All this and more awaits you with Step-B–ch: The Complete Collection. James: Gloria…you my lady. Gloria: …and you’re my main man. James: …and Molly’s my main b–ch! Molly: Step-B–ch! Willie: DAMN! Narrator: Order now and own it forever! Willie: DAMN! You go, Step-B–ch!

Me: Okay. So it got cancelled because of all the hardcore sex and drugs and hardcore sex and hardcore sex. Lucy had a great time takin’ on five guys at once! The 90s was a different time! Just because no one watched doesn’t mean we weren’t a hit! We were big! Huge! Don’t judge me! Shut up! Raw! Now!

Match #1: Riddle & Lucha House Party def. The Hurt Business

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Riddle teamed up with his Lucha House Party bros to take on MVP and Raw Tag Team Champions Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin in an effort to pick up momentum before the United States Championship Triple Threat Match at WWE Elimination Chamber. The Original Bro was shot out of a cannon with a rampage that leveled all three members of The Hurt Business. Gran Metalik & Lince Durado created high-flying chaos in the ring, allowing Riddle to target MVP with a Floating Bro to secure the pin. Bobby Lashley took it upon himself to claim the final statement, as The All Mighty emerged from backstage to latch a Hurt Lock onto Riddle before their Sunday showdown with Keith Lee.

My Opinion: 6 out of 10

Match #2: Charlotte Flair & Asuka def. Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce by disqualification

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Charlotte Flair & Asuka met Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce in the ring, but it was the ongoing entanglement between The Sassy Southern Belle and Ric Flair that took center stage once again. With Evans evading the ring early, The Queen took the opportunity to unleash her frustrations on Royce. After finally being tagged in, Evans instead exited up toward the ramp and made a shocking announcement that she was pregnant, which elicited very different reactions from both members of the Flair family.

My Opinion: 4 out of 10

Match #3: Kofi Kingston def. The Miz to earn place in WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

The Miz tried to put another master plan in motion, but a potential #KofiMania sequel derailed The A-Lister’s intentions. With The Miz stepping away from the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match, Kofi Kingston showed off his vintage athleticism with a dropkick that nearly punched his ticket into the clash. The Miz, battling to hand his Chamber spot to John Morrison, fought back to crush Kingston with a DDT and a debilitating Figure Four. However, Kofi reclaimed his magic by nailing The Miz with a Trouble in Paradise to earn himself a WWE Title opportunity.

My Opinion: 8 out of 10

Match #4: Shayna Baszler def. Lana

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Every time Lana starts flying high, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax show up swinging to knock her down. Tonight it was The Queen of Spades that crushed and contorted the underdog from the opening bell. As Naomi and Jax brawled on the outside, an opening appeared for Lana, but Baszler had punishment teed up. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion connected on a knee strike and locked in a Kirifuda Clutch to secure the win.

My Opinion: 2 out of 10

Match #5: Gauntlet Match – Winner earns final entry in WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

AJ Styles def. Kofi Kingston

After earning his way into the WWE Elimination Chamber Match, Kofi Kingston had to go toe-to-toe with AJ Styles to kick off the Gauntlet Match. With the action raging in the ring, Omos took control with a chokeslam of Xavier Woods that resulted in The Colossus’ ejection, but Styles targeted Kingston’s leg in underhanded fashion. After a string of intense action, Styles connected on a Phenomenal Forearm to move past Kingston.

Drew McIntyre def. AJ Styles

As Styles attempted to catch his breath, the WWE Champion came charging in with a purpose. Drew McIntyre Crushed Styles with a Claymore Kick as he clung to the outside rope. A sprawling Styles managed to claw his way back and smash McIntyre into the ring post with a Phenomenal Forearm to reset the matchup. A calf-crusher from Styles pushed McIntyre to the limits of what he could withstand, but a headbutt by the WWE Champion freed himself up. A well-executed setup by McIntyre put Styles in line for a Claymore Kick that pushed the WWE Champion forward.

Drew McIntyre def. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy refused to let McIntyre catch his wind, as the three-time World Champion came out swinging. As The Charismatic Enigma pushed the pace, McIntyre tried to invade the oncoming aerial assault. An impressive DDT reversal from The King of Claymore Country was countered by a Claymore dodge from Hardy. The WWE Champion wrestled back control when a Swanton Bomb from Hardy was met by the knees of McIntyre. McIntyre wouldn’t miss on the subsequent Claymore Kick, and the WWE Champion marched on.

Drew McIntyre def. Randy Orton by count-out

As Randy Orton made his way to the ring, a chilling takeover of the WWE ThunderDome by Alexa Bliss stopped The Legend Killer in his tracks. As Orton staggered around the ring, The Viper was counted out from the Gauntlet Match but didn’t exit before McIntyre crushed him with a Claymore Kick for the road.

Sheamus def. Drew McIntyre

Infuriated by his hijacked title opportunity and self-perceived disrespect, The Celtic Warrior rolled into the ring with fury toward his old friend. Sheamus smashed McIntyre into the mat time and again, but the WWE Champion dug deep to deliver a Future Shock DDT. An empty Claymore Kick attempt opened the door for a Brogue Kick that resulted in a pin by Sheamus and a huge advantage for Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Match.

My Opinion: 8 out of 10

Major News:

  • Bad Bunny won the 24/7 Title.
  • The Miz removed himself from The Elimination Chamber Match.
  • Lacey Evans is pregnant.

The Good:

  • Well over an hour of this show was wrestling and typically top-notch at that. The Miz looked like a star for the first time since 2010 when he cut his promo giving up the spot in the Chamber. Kofi Kingston finally got some real attention again and delivered more great wrestling when he got that spotlight. Braun Strowman had a great presence when he threatened Adam Pearce and, by proxy, Shane McMahon, about not being in the Chamber. Ric Flair thrived playing the heel again. Charlotte Flair finally feels like a star. AJ Styles had a great showing on the mix and in the ring. Sheamus and Drew got to tease their feud and it looked damn good. Peyton Royce is looking a lot better in the ring. Lacey Evans is havin’ a baby!

The Bad:

  • Oh God. Where do we start? Lacey’s pregnancy was used in an angle and poorly so. Asuka suffered from losing her contender and not having one selected to replace her. Also, Asuka just didn’t have any focus on her at all. Asuka is the damn champion. Is she not important? Is any champion important? Three of the matches got shafted out of time. Braun Strowman got kept out of the Chamber match because he’s never been WWE World Champion, but John Morrison almost got in despite also never having been WWE World Champion. Nia Jax’s hole line is still being repeated and used as an angle. That covers itself.

Final Verdict: 7/10

As a television producer, I often get called in to produce commercials as well. Take this one:

Coming soon from SkiNutSack Pictures – Morgan Freeman is…The Fire-Chief
Randy Boner: Chief! We gotta get the water back on to put out the fire at the orphanage!
The Fire-Chief: We don’t need no watta! Let da matha-fakka burn!
Me: Or how about this commercial tie-in to The Fire-Chief from Mentos?
(Mentor theme song throughout. Fire-Chief runs in to burning home to crying baby’s room. FC runs to crib. FC hands something to mother of child. It’s…a Mentos…The Fresh-Maker! The baby explodes in burning building.

I know what makes good TV. You just saw that. So, you can trust my opinion.

This was a show that had bad booking all over, but had a large chunk of great wrestling to snack on. It was an occasion where you need to decide what is more important to you when it comes to a wrestling show. I saw good wrestling on here and in just as much supply. As much as the dumb stuff made my head boil, the good wrestling made watching this wrestling show fun enough to give a good review to. I’m not here for “compelling stories”. I’m here for wrestling matches and there were two good ones that were worth watching. That’s the f–kin story. If Vince fails with his bad booking and the wrestlers find ways to succeed anyway, then I shouldn’t withhold a good review unless it is absolutely necessary. The wrestlers succeeded despite bad booking and lack of promotion, so they get a good review from me.


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