09th Feb2021

Game On: How You Can Level Up Your Career by Playing Video Games

by James Smith

You can build transferable skills through gaming, so nowadays, playing games is finally not considered being lazy or a waste of time. Online gaming is now more diverse than it’s ever been before. From retro games, co-op campaigns and even browser-based games you’ll find at new online casinos listed at NewCasinosUK.com – video gaming is a very popular pastime. More than two billion people engage in every day, yet the hobby is most times viewed with disdain by many people. In the popular media, there have been a lot of reports that suggest that children can develop aggressive behavior tendencies if they keep playing violent games, while others have cautioned about how addictive video games can be and the resultant negative effects.

However, the evidence that people can benefit a lot from the video games is more compelling. The result of study by the American Psychological Association for instance, revealed that through video games, children and youths gain compelling and immersive emotional, cognitive, and social experiences. Going further, through these experiences, the players’ mental health, and children and adolescents’ wellbeing can also be enhanced. It is also good to note that the benefit of video games do not go to children alone, because the social, emotional, motivational and cognitive benefits derived from it could be defined as the transferable skills needed in the workplace.

1. Improve Your Skills

According to the APA research, while there are core objects in most video games, the players are challenged by them in many different ways, in the bid to deter them from completing those objectives. For them to surmount the challenges and complete the objectives, they have to employ critical thinking skills, which they can in turn bring on in search of solutions to real world situations. This is also corroborated by Sarah Danzl, who serves as a Skills Expert at an education technology company, Degreed. He posited that equating gaming with skill building may seem like an odd thing to do, but when you consider the type of skills that are needed for some IT roles, the best way to improve and increase your social and cognitive skills might just be to pick up the PlayStation controller or online gaming such as sportwetten-test.org.

Recently, a report named ‘The state of skills 2021: Endangered,’ reveals that leadership, advanced communication, initiative taking, and processing and analysis of complex information are among the top 10 endangered skills that professionals in the IT field should focus on this year.

According to Danzl, most of these skills are social and cognitive in nature, especially managing others, leadership, initiative taking, negotiation, and communication. Such skills could be perfectly built by playing games like Overcooked, Fortnite and League of Legends, because for players to defeat cook burritos and bosses, they must communicate and work together. It is also Danzl’s opinion that these skills could be reinforced by the repetitive nature of gaming. In the normal setting, it takes people just one hour to forget up to 50% of the things they just learnt, and within 24 hours, they tend to forget up to 70% of what they’ve learnt, unless they keep practicing the skills regularly.

Gaming is a thing that can easily be engaged in on a daily basis, and this leads to consistent development and reinforcement of skills, giving IT professionals the opportunity to master social and cognitive skills, and to retain those skills at the same time, according to Danzl.

2. Becoming Co-Operative

According to research, you don’t only learn critical thinking skills through video games, you learn much more. A study that was conducted separately by Missouri University of Science and Technology discovered that those who play World of Warcraft have traits and skills that they can successfully apply to working as team members in virtual workplaces – something that has become rampant these days because of the current physical isolation due to the health crisis. Through the study, it was revealed that those who engage in multiplayer online role playing games, where it is required for gamers to interact with others and complete quests, tend to develop such qualities as openness, agreeableness, extroversion, neuroticism, and conscientiousness, and these are the major personality traits, and the almighty Big Five according to psychologists.

Your technology awareness increases as you make more in-game achievements, according to Elizabeth Short, who is among the authors of the study. She went ahead to say that in workplaces and virtual communication teams, that comes very beneficial. People that play World of Warcraft also develop the type of technology readiness and computer mediated communication skills that assist employees to excel in their roles in virtual teams. Short went ahead to say that she likes the idea that someone could be strengthened with knowledge, skills, and the ability to make use of those skills in the workplace by some aspects of gaming.

3. Make an Impression

It is not only the World of Warcraft that can help in boosting your career. According to a study by Robert Half Technology, there is a belief by almost one quarter of CIOs that chances of clinching new IT jobs by fresh graduates are increased by playing games. According to the study, other activities and hobbies of fresh graduates that were found to entice employers to offer them IT related jobs include taking part in hackathons, app or web development, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and microcomputer project creation.

The head of Computing at Arden University, Mohammed Rehman reveals to an IT professional that currently, those who play video games are now seen as better candidates by the military. According to him, the military are now of the view that video game players are endowed with faster and enhanced reaction times. From the perspective of an IT industry, a couple of reports have acknowledged that IT graduates normally do not have the soft skills required by employers, for instance, interpersonal and communication skills, plus leadership and problem solving abilities.

‘Among Us’ which is a game that demands for the team to fish out the imposter among them, will demand skills like collaboration, communication, persuasion and deduction. When it comes to Call of Duty, leadership and teamwork are involved. These games come with an inherent social nature through which IT students can garner skills that could be very beneficial in their workplaces.

4. Become a Professional Gamer

For those that are hugely talented, video games has also fashioned out a separate career part in esports. More than $1 billion (£745 million) global revenue was earned by esports in 2019, and that’s an increase of 27% from what it earned in 2018. For players that become members of esports leagues, $3,000–$5,000 (£2,237–£3,729) salary per month is assured. Or try your hand at slots and get 30 freispiele ohne einzahlung.

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The advancement of esports and the skills that gamers can develop from it is not hidden. The Emlyon Business School in France, for instance, has just made a record as the first ever business school in the world to award academic credits to students in management programs after they competed in esports.

The director of the program named ‘Sports Makers’ in the school, Mickael Romezy told IT Pro that a lot of training and development of managerial skills is needed to play esports at a very high level, and those skills could be transposed to corporate settings. For him, they can easily transfer these skills to their professional careers. Some of the skills that could be transferred include performance management, decision making, stress management, team spirit, leadership, risk calculation, and the capacity for strategic analysis, and these are most of the qualities that future executives and managers are expected to have.

He went ahead to say that in esports players there is also the hunger for ability to make decisions under stress, risk calculation, efficient communication and digital skill-oriented teamwork. Esports players can easily pick a new model and swiftly integrate the values and codes for more efficiency. Also, many will understand the best ways to adapt to learn new and unknown models, which means that they will mostly turn out as agile managers that can easily anticipate and adapt to changes and disruptions to the business sector later in their lives.

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