08th Feb2021

5 Funny Facts about Online Casinos Each Gambler Should Know

by James Smith

Online gambling is serious business, but there are some funny and interesting facts you also need to know. For instance, some online casinos payout only in their national currency. If you read the updated Punt casino review, you will find that this platform only pays in the South African Rand.

This article will look at five other fun facts about online casinos each gambler should know. Let’s get started!

1. Men Are More Likely to Gamble Online

According to studies, 11% of all internet users are active gamblers. The same studies showed that men make up over 80% of the world’s online gamblers. Also, the age of the average gambling man is 30 years and above. However, younger men are the ones more prone to becoming problem gamblers. All thanks to their impulsivity. Young men are 7.5 times more prone to becoming problem gamblers than young women. Nonetheless, more women are beginning to tap into the fun of online casino games too. So, very soon, the margin between the male and female bettors will close up.

2. Slot Machines Are the Most Played Game at Online Casinos

You can’t find an online casino platform that doesn’t offer slot games. They are more popular than even roulette and blackjack. Online casino slots also come in a wider variety than what is offered at land casinos. An extra fun fact is that slot machines were originally designed to dispense chewing gum, which could be swapped for cash. Maybe that’s why you can find fruit symbols on today’s slot machines. Statistics have shown that slots account for more than 70% of an online casino operator’s earnings. Gambling may be a game of luck, and you might be fortunate to hit the jackpot. However, the online casino operators will always make more money than the player. Astonishingly, the bulk of casinos’ earnings worldwide, both online and offline casinos, come from penny slots. An extra bit of info here is that 90% of regular slot game players would rather play online instead of land casinos.

3. The Biggest Win Ever Is €17,861,813

We have already mentioned how lucrative the gambling business is. There’s a lot of money to be made by casinos and punters alike. However, while everyone hopes to go home with the bag, money can also be lost too. Many players have hit the jackpot, but none has hit it as big as a lucky chap from Finland who won €17,861,813 in 2013. The funny thing is, his stake was 25 cents! As a bit of motivation, you should search through the internet and check out his winning spin video. In 2015, an ex-British soldier placed a 25p bet and won a mouth-watering £13.2 million. He came close to matching the biggest win of all time, but he was just a few million short. We doubt if he’d have any reason to complain, though. His winning of over £13 million can change lives!

4. Not All Winnings Are Paid

This article is about fun facts about online casinos, but there’s nothing funny about hitting a winning spin and not getting paid. Did you know you can actually “win” but not get paid playing casino? Yes, it has happened a couple of times before. If there is a technical glitch at your playtime, winnings will not be paid out. The details are usually outlined in the terms and conditions section of casino platforms. For this reason, we strongly advise players to read the regulations guiding gameplay at a casino before they put in their bankroll.

5. Roulette Is Also Called the Devil’s Game

If you sum up all the numbers on the roulette wheel, you will arrive at 666. This is why it is called the “devil’s game.” In Christian belief, the number “666” is known as the “mark of the beast,” symbolizing the end times. No matter how “devilish” anyone tries to make roulette seem, it is still one of the most played games in the casino. The reason for this is that players stand almost even chances of winning on every spin.


There you have it, guys, the five fun facts about online casinos each gambler should know. The big win, mind-blowing games with fantastic designs and themes, flexible laws, and ease of play tells players that online gambling holds its own against other forms of online entertainment like comics, video games, esports, and movie binging.

Which of these funny facts surprised you the most? Winning and possibly not getting paid, or that roulette is a “devilish” game? Don’t forget to leave your answer and interact with other readers via the comment section.

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