08th Feb2021

3 Important Steps For Setting Up The Perfect Man Cave

by James Smith

Every year, nearly a thousand men enter the annual UK Games Room of the Year contest to determine who the proud owner of the best gaming-themed man cave in the country is. Although the concept behind a man cave is not favoured by everyone, the idea of having a dedicated space they can call their own still appeals to many nerdy men. It is not only the end product that is pleasing, but the design and decorating processes as well. However, before you can get to the best part of designing your man cave – the decorating – you first need to take care of a few less-exciting but very important tasks.

Plan for plumbing and electricity

While paying attention to the water and electrical requirements of your man cave is hardly exciting, it is essential. If your man cave is located close to a bathroom or kitchen, your plumbing needs may be minimal, although a closet bathroom and running water supply may prove to be very useful additions. Although upgrading a room’s plumbing and wiring is all in a day’s work for professional contractors, it is much easier to make sure everything is in place during the original construction of a home. Mangum Builders note the value of remodelling with the latest trends, techniques and building styles in mind, while also taking the best from tradition. By doing this, incorporating a dedicated space for a modern man cave into a house design will be a simple endeavour.

Find the perfect space

Finding the perfect location for your nerdy man cave is very important. More often than not, a guy will use whatever space is available to him. This can include a spare room, a large garden shed, or even the basement. If you are fortunate enough to have a large space at your disposal, you can really live out your man cave fantasies, adding all the furnishings and accessories you could possibly want to indulge in. Even if you only have a small space at your disposal, you can turn it into a super nerdy personal space. A single garage will more than suffice as a man cave if you plan your layout well. Ultimately, the location of the room is more important than the size of it, so try to find a place that will allow you to turn the volume up on your movies or games without disturbing the rest of the household.

Pick a style and keep to it

Kitting out your man cave may be much easier if you have a particular style in mind. As most man caves comprise only one room, you want the overall look to be cohesive. Determining the purpose of your man cave will make it easier to develop a definitive style. Although game rooms are among the most popular man caves in existence, there is a myriad of other equally as-nerdy styles to choose from. If you are a die-hard superhero fan you can create an alluring superhero hideout, complete with display cases for your action figurines, comics and life-size Marvel or DC cut-outs. Other man cave themes that are very popular include a home theatre for nerdy movie buffs, a geeky casino room, or a man spa for the nerd who also likes to be pampered on a regular basis. Once you have finalised your theme, you can commence with the fun part of your man cave setup: the decorating.

Having a man cave of your own is a dream-come-true for many self-proclaimed nerds. When designing your personal space, however, it is important to remember that there are a number of important tasks that need to be completed before getting to the fun parts.

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