05th Feb2021

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK 2×04’ Review

by Rhys Payne

Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK is quickly becoming one of the most unpredictable shows in modern television. Last week we watched Astina sashay away despite having previously won a challenge (where most of the other girls have not) ;on top of two fan-favourites going home very early in the series. It’s impossible to guess who is going to go home each week, as all the drag this season is so high quality and they are all insanely talented queens, but this means every week is a gag! This week went above and beyond with ensuring there was drama by the bucketload… with minor fights breaking out between Lawrence & Ginny (in the first couple of minutes of the episode) and Veronica & A’whora towards the end. This week’s mini-challenge was a very unusual one I have to admit. The queens had to take part in “The great British Fake Off” which had them trying to sell a baked good to Ru Paul – with varying success! It was ‘delightfully’ refreshing to see Bimini Bon Boulash doing some incredibly clever political satire in her presentation. As always Lawrence Chaney was a highlight in this mini-challenge (as always), due to her wonderful over-the-top personality and quick wit. The winner of the mini-challenge this week was Bimini who got to decide the roles the queens would take on in the main challenge.

The main challenge of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK this week was to host a line chat show hilariously named ‘Morning Glory.’ What I love about this season of Drag Race UK is that they have carefully considered the judging panel to be experts in the theme of the challenge. We had Sheridan Smith judging the musical episode; and this week we have the icon Lorraine Kelly judging the morning talk show programme. Anyone who knows me knows about my love for Lorraine, as I was interviewed by her on her TV show when I was younger. I also have a signed photo of her on my memories board – which was gifted to me by her team while raising money for a charity trip to South Africa. The roles were distributed with the queens taking on different sections of the show, with many of them working in pairs. Both the Scottish queens – Lawrence and Ellie – ended up working together again this week and after last weeks performance of those two, the bar was set very high. Ellie had a very interesting interaction with Ru Paul where she rather aggressively asked why Ru used a Scottish accent when saying Lawrence’s name but not her own. We also have Tia Kofi and A’whora working together which, at first, I thought was going to bring so much drama but it did the exact opposite. A’whora has not been the biggest supporter of Tia so far on this competition but working together gave them a chance to get to know each other and potentially turn over a new leaf. This is truly Ginny Lemon’s world and we are just living in it! She supposedly has experience in improvised comedy and her performance in the actual show was crazy as an absurd Australian hippie. I found it very unusual to see assistants and cameramen in the recording of the morning talk shows as this is not something I can remember seeing I’m Drag Race herstory before.

The runway theme this week was a monster mashup where the queens had to combine two monsters in one week. Generally, I think it would have been better for the queens to focus on one creature look and do it excellently, as the second monster did appear on add-on thought for many of the outfits in this episode. Veronica Green looked especially incredible from the shoulders up in this episode – as she had so fantastic pig prosthetics attached to her face, with a massive Medusa snake based wig. Lawerence’s look was great but the real show-stopping inclusion was her face made of leather on her arm! A reference to Silence of the Lambs and Leatherface, which was amazing! Another stand out this week was Ellie Diamond, as she created a fantastic goblin and werewolf-inspired look with the green and brown colours working flawlessly together. And I love Tia Kofi’s look this week! She has been slated for the past couple of episodes for appearing basic and so it is fantastic to see her pull an incredible look on the runway. She did a Medusa and voodoo princess fusion with absolutely flawless make-up.

The winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK this week was ruvealed to be Lawerence Chaney and this marks the second win in a row for the Scottish queen. She is both a fan -avourite and one of Ru Paul’s too. The bottom two queens this week were Ginny Lemon and Sister Sister, which was fairly obvious, as they expressed how close they have gotten in this competition. Now imagine the intensity of standing in front of the icon that is Ru Paul with the harsh lights, preparing to perform for your spot in the competition… against one of your close friends! As soon as the music started Ginny blew everyone a kiss and walked off the stage signalling to everyone that she is giving up and going home. This was an absolute gag! However, the impact was slightly ruined by the fact that she still provided a post-elimination interview and recorded a mirror message but still an iconic moment in Drag Race  herstory! Props need to be given to Sister Sister, who delivered a killer solo performance for the rest of the song, as it must be insanely difficult to continue performing realising you have no completion anymore but she never stopped for a single moment!

Overall, this was a fun episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK with a great range of presentations throughout. Any show that features the queen of morning television Lorraine will always be great but I need to put my love for her aside for the purposes of rating this episode of Drag Race. We had an iconic elimination which had everyone gagged and will go down in Drag Race herstory. Therefore I’d rate this:

**** 4/5


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