01st Feb2021

‘The Devil’s Heist’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Mike Ferguson, Sheri Davis, Angelica Ayon, Devin Caldarone, Daniel Mendez Campos, Bryan Sapphire, Rose Wakesho, Sandra Rosko, Thomas John Rudolph, Michael B. Rich | Written by Sandra Rosko, Sophia Louisa, Bryan Sapphire | Directed by Fernando Acevedo

I love heist movies, and over the past few years there have been some great indie-comedy heist movies: films like Flypaper, How to Rob a Bank, The Maiden Heist and Blue Iguana. What do they have in common? Well they all successfully balance quirky, offbeat comedy with traditional “heist-film” storytelling. They also all feature a cool and charismatic cast. None of which applies to The Devil’s Heist… well this is partly a comedy; insomuch as its absolutely hilarious anyone would pay to distribute this pile of dross!

The film tells the story of Ted, an ex-con who – along with his old partner and his girlfriend – rob a bank. But not just any bank. They rob the Coven National Bank… Now in a typical heist film said bank would be the front for criminal activity but here… here, it’s the front for the devil himself. First of, why the f*ck does the devil need a bank? He’s got powers, he doesn’t even need money! And that’s on the cherry on top of the WTF aspects of The Devil’s Heist.

The film is told in chapters, in flashback. Whilst that may seem like an interesting idea, as the film plays out the audience will soon realise that the films structure is used to cover up the fact that there’s no transitions, not real flow to the film. Hell, at times it feels like there’s not enough footage to make a coherent film, so The Devil’s Heist has been cobbled together from the footage the filmmakers had!

The majority of the film cuts between Ted and his cohorts out on the road bickering and arguing (and oh my god does THAT get on your nerves after the umpteenth time they shout and swear, and threaten to kill each other!) and the witches that work at the bank, who are trying to use their powers to influence events – from causing Ted to clumsily crash his car, to the auto-repair guy trying to steal the gangs loot from the robbery! And boy are these sh*t witches… Everything they try goes wrong in some way, so much so that the film becomes farcical. As farcical as the performances in this film!

And that’s the problem with The Devil’s Heist. Besides some fantastic (REALLY fantastic) prosthetics work on the devil and demons in the movie, everything else is completely amateur hour. There’s a seed of a good idea here – a supernatural heist movie with noir-ish narration – but that’s all the film has. A good idea. Pretty much everything else, effects aside, is bad.

The Devil’s Heist is out in the US now from Midnight Releasing.


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