28th Jan2021

‘She’s the One (aka Loves Spell)’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Kane Brown, Cindy Humphrey, Jessica-Jane Stafford, Vanessa Feltz, Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka | Written by Simon Battensby, Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka | Directed by Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka

I love it when a director you clocked onto a little while back as someone with potential, someone that you should be keeping an eye on, not only drops his latest film but has taken a complete left turn genre-wise, turning his hand to romantic comedy, and smashed it out the park. The director in question is Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka and last time out he brought us The Living Dead which did pretty well on the festival circuit and I personally sung its praises as a low-budget Brit horror comedy that was daring to dream.

When I saw Nwaka was moving down a more romantic road I wasn’t sure what to expect from him, or the finished film, if I’m honest. All too often I have seen what an independent British rom-com looks like and all too often I have thought that it was decidedly average. Nonetheless Nwaka had earned at least my interest… now let’s see if he kept my attention!

Treyvon (Kane Brown) seems to have it made… Top flight job, nice car, looks, sense of humour and a solid group of mates. The only thing missing in his life is that special someone infact you could say his relationships are a bit of a car crash and that he is extremely unlucky in love. As we meet him he is on the verge of sealing a big deal at work, his mate is getting married and Shenisha (Cindy Humphrey) has just walked into his life. They are perfect for each other but outside forces seem to want everything to go wrong for them as they traverse numerous stumbling blocks as Treyvon starts to wonder if she’s the one.

First of all I have to sing the praises of Kane Brown and Cindy Humphrey, our two starring leads, who were both fantastic in their roles. Brown is doing the bulk of the heavy lifting and has a natural likability to him, with spot on comedic timing. I really enjoyed watching this relationship play out on screen and, considering there were one or two performances I wasn’t enamoured, with I’m glad these two pulled their socks up and smashed it. In particular the whole set piece of their first date is terrific – the chemistry is there for all to see and the writing for these scenes is on point.

While I really thought The Living Dead was a good showing of the potential of Nwaka, She’s the One shows a level of confidence and belief that is clear in the final product. A well written original and, more importantly, natural script. One that flows nicely, barring a couple of really ‘out there’ moments, and one glaringly out of place performance. I will say at one point I thought “Oh I know where we are going here” then we swerved and had a cool twist that I REALLY didn’t see coming!

I had one problem with She’s the One though and it’s a bit of a nit pick but Hakan ‘Man Like Haks’ Hassan is just too much here, he literally has two scenes and honestly he kind of ruins them. I didn’t mind him in The Living Dead but he keeps popping up in movies and – sorry – actor he is not. Someone that did surprise me, in her cameo, was Vanessa Feltz – with some well delivered sassy dialogue. Jessica-Jane Stafford was her usual dependable self in a little role that had me smiling to see her again (love seeing Stafford on screen).

She’s the One is a big recommend. Is it perfect? No, but the problems are only there if you look for them. It does all the things it needed to and honestly I didn’t turn this on expecting a Richard Curtis movie, I just wanted a really cool little Brit rom-com, that ticks a lot of the usual boxes and double ticks some new ones… and that is exactly what I got. Nwaka is a very promising prospect in the U.K. and I’m down for any movie he has coming up. I had a lot of fun with She’s the One; I enjoyed the performances from our two leads and their supporting cast (except one) and think there is an audience out there for a movie full of lovable, colourful, characters like these. Get this one film watched.

****½  4.5/5

She’s the One is available, on the usual digital platforms, now.


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