28th Jan2021

Australian Tennis Open 2021 & Virtual Tennis Competitions

by James Smith

The Australian Tennis Open 2021 is the first Grand Slam of the year and players love the tournament for the atmosphere, the whopping 55m USD prize money and the beaches of Melbourne. But this year is different with a global pandemic and a state that was the epicentre of Australia’s 2nd wave.

Out of 500 participants this year, 72 players have had to be quarantined because passengers on the same inbound plane as them tested positive. The Australian Tennis federation has required that any player on flights with people testing positive should be quarantined in their rooms for 14 days, even if they tested negative themselves.

Is Virtual Tennis the Answer?

Meanwhile virtual tennis is getting popular as tennis fans are seeing events postponed and amateur tennis cancelled. They are moving over to virtual tennis games on sports books. Some virtual tennis events are like video games, and you can watch the action unfold with stats and virtual players that are on a tennis circuit. Tennis fans can follow them in from virtual players and even bet on them!

Level Playing Field

Whereas the rest of the player pool is allowed out of their rooms at set times for exercise and practice, those in quarantine are now at a serious disadvantage to other players who are allowed to practice.
Some are claiming they weren’t made aware of the strict rules on who would be isolated because of other passengers not in their immediate circle. Even those players who are not having to quarantine are complaining about the food, size of rooms and only 5 hours of practice time allowed each day.

Some high-profile names including last year’s winner and World Number 1, Novak Djokovic issued pleas to the tennis authorities and local government to ease the rules for the usually pampered stars.

Tennis Betting and Virtual The Popularity of Virtual Tennis

If you are a big sporting fan, you may want to know some of the favorites for the Australian Open. At the online sports books there are some excellent risk free bets offered and offers that give you double winnings on your first, which you could use to bet on tennis or any other sports you are interested in. Plus, there are in-play bets where you get odds while streaming the action.

The bonus bets are awarded when you sign up to a website as a new player or when a new event in the sports world that everybody is talking about comes on – some of them even without deposit. The double winnings are perfect to bet an outsider and win big, while some online sports books cover bonus bets on virtual tennis!

Kyrgios Takes it Personally

Social media has lit up of course with reaction to this, especially from local residents who endured 2 waves of Covid already and in the 2nd outbreak, Victoria accounted for nearly 90% of all deaths.

Accusations of spoiled and selfish tennis stars have been voiced because they are potentially risking the health of local Australians, especially as many of the tennis participants and their entourages are travelling from high-risk countries.

It took a local Australian player, the outspoken Nick Kyrgios, to shut the World Number 1 down in a continuation of his personal spat with Djokovic calling him “a tool” on Twitter. Maybe Kyrgios felt it a personal affront to his homeland or maybe he was just living up to his bad boy image or maybe he just doesn’t really like the guy.

When he beat him in the past, he rubbed salt further in the wound by asking why someone who practiced and trained as hard as Djokovic couldn’t beat him who spends more time playing basketball than practicing his tennis.

When Will the Tournament Start?

Due to start on the 8th February, will the Aussie Open continue? and should it? We all love sport and the spectacle, and it is clear sports fans around the world can all benefit from the boost live events give spectators and TV audiences. Remember, some sporting events that went ahead in 2020 and what great drama they brought us.

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