26th Jan2021

Richard Gunn & Stelio Savante join the cast of noir ‘Find Her’

by Phil Wheat

Richard Gunn (Clemency), Stelio Savante (Infidel), Rebecca Lines (House Of Cards), Anais Lilit (The Walking Dead: Red Machete), Randal Gonzalez (Greenland) , and John James (Axcellerator) have joined the cast of Nick McCallum’s noir psychological thriller, Find Her.

When Isaiah Slade, a mysterious ex-cop with an addiction to uppers, arrives in a small town searching for answers to a murdered ranch owner and his still missing daughter, it slowly becomes clear that he has his own personal agenda to finding the truth.

McCallum will be directing from his own script, with G Andrew Ahrens producing. Find Her is filming in Louisiana in accordance with SAG AFTRA Covid protocols.


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