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‘Major League Wrestling: Fusion’ Review (Jan 14th 2021)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s episode of MLW: Fusion, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and Marco Polo got lost in a swimming pool. We’ve got Salina de la Renta as the booker and Mary Poppins…With A Shot-Gun! With a spoon full of…BOOM!…the medicine goes down. I’m the hottest chick in the world and this s— starts…MY BOOBS!

Match #1: Low Ki def. Budd Heavy

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The bout is quicker than a New York Minute as The Lone Wolf of Brooklyn comes charging heavy at Heavy with a running elbow strike and downs the big man for the knock out and the referee stoppage. Eight seconds. That’s all it took.

My Opinion: 0.6 out of 5

Match #2: Mil Muertes (presented by Salina de la Renta) def. Brian Pillman Jr.

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“The Man of 1,000 Deaths” looks ever the presence as Pillman sizes him up from across the ring before taking a bit to assess the situation on the outside. Bell rings and Brian does the same again. Muertes is indeed an individual that is mighty unpredictable, but the speed and skill of Pillman makes the most of avoiding the man. Brian chops at Muertes, but nothing doing. Pillman goes for the sunset flip but Muertes pulls him up by the ears and lariats him down harshly for a flurry of punches. The ref somehow manages to coerce Muertes off. A side suplex downs Brian for some knees, but Pillman tries to fight back, only to get a powerslam for his efforts. Two count. Muertes gouges the face of Pillman before delivering several lariat arms in the corner. Muertes looks to be going for a uranage, but Brian tries to give him some elbows. Instead, Muertes turns it into his flatliner finisher, Straight To Hell, for the 1-2-3. Hell of a debut, indeed.

My Opinion: 2.3 out of 5

Match #3: MAIN EVENT – Los Parks (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park with Salina de la Renta) def. The Von Erichs – MLW World Tag Team Championships Special guest referee: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

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The deck is evidently stacked against Ross and Marshall as Los Parks use Lawlor as a barrier to attack the brothers. Lawlor, ever the professional, holds up the belts to make the bout official as LA Park and his eldest choke the daylights out of The Von Erichs. Park takes off his belt and whips it across the backs of both Ross and Marshall. He then begins choking Ross with it as El Hijo steps on the throat of Marshall. The Chairman brings in a stool to the ring and slams Ross against it before slamming Marshall with it. Lawlor seemingly doesn’t notice. This match is major chaos as Lawlor tries to act official by telling Los Parks to watch with the closed fists (yeah, right.) Los Parks go to double team Marshall, but the younger Von Erich bides enough time to deliver stereo dropkicks with the older bro, sending father and son to the outside. This sets them up perfectly for the Von Erichs to continue their radio frequency with a set of stereo dives. Back in the ring, Marshall goes after LA Park, but Lawlor holds him back and it allows the two to trade shots. Marshall soon however manages to counter and puts Park in an abdominal stretch. El Hijo runs interference, but Ross hits a superkick and then a falcon arrow. He covers only to receive a VERY slow two count from Lawlor. Hijo gets a harsh kick on Ross and sunset flip rolls him for a very fast two count from Lawlor. LA Park does a reverse DDT drop onto Marshall. Marshall goes to the outside and LA Park delivers a flying school bus to Marshall. Hijo does the same to Ross. Back in the ring, Lawlor feins cramps as Los Parks go to check on him. The Von Erichs roll both of them up, but Lawlor administers yet another set of slow two counts before allowing a cramp to completely interfere with his third slap of the mat. Los Parks get the brothers in similar small packages for a speedy pin count, but Ross and Marshall both kick out. Nonetheless, the Von Erichs fight back and Lawlor finds himself tumbling over the ropes to the outside. The four duke it out on the canvas until Ross locks in The Claw on El Hijo. Hijo is down for a clear cut three count and then some. However, Lawlor is nowhere to be seen and Ross soon loses sight as Salina maces him to release the hold. Marshall checks on his brother and LA Park takes the moment to spear him off his feet. After this happens, Salina’s associate lifts up the ring skirt to reveal LA Park Jr. He knees Ross, setting him up for another spear by his father. Fittingly enough, in comes in The Filthy One to administer the fastest three count you’ll ever witness.

My Opinion: 3.3 out of 5

Final Verdict: 2.9/5

This was a show that wasted a lot of time on storylines, when it should have focused more on wrestling. The first two matches went by so fast that they could hardly be said to have occurred at all. The main event went according to plan I assume and the result was the straps being moved off of a solid team and onto a better team that will give the division an interesting set of champions. The big story of this was Salina selling her management company to Azteca Undergound, which appears to be linked to Lucha Underground (possibly). I wish that a wrestling show would have wrestling as its main news story on a weekly basis, but MLW loves to copy the WWE sports-entertainment style as much as AEW and Impact, sadly. Eh…f— it. At least this didn’t have Randy Orton talking.


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